When the ‘Toon Tumbler Facebook page revealed the art for their Comic-Con exclusive, many people started scouring the ‘net for a rundown of who would be on the team.  The one character that was a mystery was the woman pictured below Green Arrow and Hawkman.

During the New 52 panel on Saturday, Geoff Johns revealed her to be Lady Luck.

Lady Luck?

Lady Luck is a fictional, American comic-strip crime fighter and adventuress created and designed in 1940 by Will Eisner with artist Chuck Mazoujian (1917-2011). Through 1946, she starred in a namesake, four-page weekly feature published in a Sunday-newspaper comic-book insert colloquially called “The Spirit Section”. The feature, which run through November 3, 1946, with one months-long interruption, was reprinted in comic books published by Quality Comics.

“a reinvention of an old character called Lady Luck…every time she buys a lottery ticket she wins. She’s going to get involved with the JLA after she attempts to buy out WayneTech.” He added she takes up crime fighting because she feels her life of luck has left her frustrated and directionless.”

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  1. I’m sorry. This is getting lamer and lamer every time I read about it. I won’t say I won’t buy anymore DC titles when this change happens, since I know I will be buying All Star Western and the Green Lantern titles, but this is so putting me off DC and I grew up reading DC.

    • Yeah I’m with ya man it’s a little wierd. I will say that I’m mildly interested in JL but I’m really just there for GL corps and the like and Red Hood.

      • No, its not that. Its just frustration with the whole enterprise. I was leary of the whole thing from the beginning. I’d never heard of Lady Luck before this so I had nothing against her. This feels like remaking something that doesn’t need to be remade, just fixed.

  2. “He added she takes up crime fighting because she feels her life of luck has left her frustrated and directionless.”

    Yeah, I have that problem all the time. “Oh darnit! I won the lottery AGAIN! Woe is me…guess I’ll go punch bad guys now…”


  3. With the little we know about her, she doesn’t seem to be that different from Black Cat. seems like the want to re-create her.

    • Hopefully, Matthew. Just not as some super-powered version but just Denny Colt.

      Long as they eventually put a green ring back on Hal Jordan I would be OK. Or a yellow ring? Hmmmm…..

  4. Waiting for the right moment to get my comic book store to tell them to stop with my pull list in August. Done with it. Done with the New DC and it has not even started yet. Thanks Didio.

    • Waiting for the right moment to get my comic book store to tell them to stop with my pull list in August. Done with it. Done with the New DC and it has not even started yet. Thanks Didio.

      You’re not even willing to read the books and see how it all shakes down?

      • Yeah, he will… Chest thumping.

        Everyone who says they will be leaving are just saying it cause no one will/can be held accountable since it can never be verified. I can say right now that I am so gosh darn miffed (easy there!) that I am removing all my DC titles from my pull and replacing them all with only the indepentent-iest of independent titles.

        Prove me wrong. I want to see how many of those claiming to leave DC due to the new 52, hating on books they just got a glance of, how many will be posting in october about titles they apparently aren’t reading anymore… I’ll be copy and pasting “but I thought you dropped it?”.

      • Just another whiney fanboy that has probably bitched for something new and different that is now pissed off that something new and different is coming to fruition. Almost as bad as my daughter that hates to try new food, and she is 3. Don’t be a wuss, try it out first then bitch, but do so intelligently.
        If your biggest excuse is that this is not the way it was, get over it. Green Lantern does fine against yellow but not wood & batman carries a gun. If that sounds odd that is becase changes were made.

        • I really don’t get why you’re attacking this guy for his opinion. He doesn’t like the change, you do. End of discussion. Why call him names and be inflammatory when it serves no useful purpose? This should be a useful, informative discussion without degrading into one of those oh so typical “I don’t like your opinion, so you’re stupid” things. I don’t like the change either, and won’t be picking up the titles, although I may glance at them once in a while and keep up with these boards and posts to see if anything’s changed. Does that mean you’ll be attacking me next?

          • Maybe not the best method, but maybe as fans we should actually read the material first and then make up our minds on the quality of the books.

  5. How curious. I’ve never heard of her and she’s in the middle of the DCnU spotlight. It’s interesting they chose her over Zatanna or more modern, well-known female characters.

    • How curious. I’ve never heard of her and she’s in the middle of the DCnU spotlight. It’s interesting they chose her over Zatanna or more modern, well-known female characters.

      It’s almost certainly her pedigree (created and drawn for years by Will Eisner) that gets her the nod…

      • And the fact that Geoff Johns loves taking old characters and reviving them.

        While I’m a bit saddened that Canary doesn’t appear to be in the League yet, I’m optimistic about Lady Luck’s odds (har-dee-har-har) to be a solid character, given that Geoff Johns is writing her.

  6. Bors me to death. If Robinson would have brought her back, this would be an interesting choice. But this will be the typical Jim Lee chica. Left that comic era behind me 20 years ago. Maybe it would have been a better choice bringing Platic Man back. Or Ambush Bug. Bat Mice? MXYZPTLK?

  7. I have just noticed that Deadman is at the upper left corner. I thought at first that it was J’onn.

    And who is the girl with the jewel just below Lady Luck? Is that supposed to be Aquaman’s wife Mera?

  8. I was discussing some of the things going on on the other side of the continent at Comic Con with my eldest daughter (22 years old, college grad, fellow “geek” and HUGE “Underworld” and “Iron Man” mark). I showed her the art work with this post and asked her “What do you think of what they’ve done to your old man’s JLA?” Her answer? “Uh, made the men REALLY sexy? I’m liking it!”.

    As the great Stan Lee would say “‘Nuff said”.

    I have no problem with adding an Isner character into the mainstream DCU. I’d much rather see her than the Wildstorm bunch, which I feel were added simply for window dressing and controversy.

    The only thing I’ve seen so far that I am absolutely, positively against is “Comrade Superman” in Action Comics. The more I look at that art work the more he looks like a Soviet Union Cold-War era “Workers” poster. The attempt to turn the character back into the Golden Age Superman with blue jeans, much less a “Bruce Springsteen-type hero” just does not jibe. “Bruce Springsteen type hero”?? A role model from Jersey??? Yeeshhhh…. Quite simply I hope that this character fades into the past of Superman as fast as the “Electric Blue Superman” did (Although I admit to being a fan of that phase).

    • brainypirate on

      “made the men REALLY sexy”

      Isn’t it amazing what a well-fitting pair of PANTS will do for a guy?? ;-)

  9. The synopsis
    There are so many other female characters in the DC cannon who will attract new readers (including females) and intrigue old readers. Personally. I’d like DC to further exlore and use Batman’s covert ops “Fat Lady”, Faith (from the early 2000s JLA). The name ‘Lady Luck’ reminds me of “Shamrock” from the original Marvel “Contest of Champions” (yes, I’m showing my age) and that oft-used ability to alter probability (a la Domino and Black Cat after Kingpin’s experimentation).

    • I remember Shamrock. No problem with showing your age, Brent.

      I thought Faith was one of the best new characters that came about in JLA and the Obsidian Age was an excellent way to introduction. Would’ve been an interesting addition to the revamped…I mean, rebooted…whatever!

    • Don’t forget Longshot either, he was good with the whole probability altering thing. And the having only 4 fingers thing too.

  10. brainypirate on

    Oh, I assumed Johns was joking about Lady Luck. It seems so many other DC panelists this weekend were giving joke responses to fan questions that I thought this was simply Johns’s way of saying “You’ll have to read the book to find out who that is.”

    • That’s what I took that response to mean. That Johns was just joking and came up w/ it on the fly as a response. Still holding out that it’s Zealot, Black Canary, Lady Quark or someone.
      If not, I’ll give it a chance because its Johns.

  11. Wait. Let me get this straight. You are not going to buy any comics, because the fictional world you grew up with is being changed, from an objective perspective, minutely? Because they are wearing different, and on average, nicer clothes? Because you’re afraid of change, right? Chill out. It’s comics. Have fun, and try to care more about telling good stories, and supporting excellent writers. Fot example, The premise of Action Comics is getting a lot of flak, brcause it looks as though they’ve changed a few things about Metropolis, Clark, Lois, Olsen, The Kents, etc. But- it’s being written by Grant fucking Morrison! That’s amazing! There’s gonna br OMAC and Blue Beetle titles again?! Splendid! Don’t get your panties in a twist because Supergirl’s boots have knee holes or Kid Flash has a mohawk. Whatever! Comics! Read a story! That’s what it’s there for. Also… 4 Legion of Superhero titles? Including one that’s a Star Trek crossover written by Chris Roberson? I’m sold DC. I will buy tons of your comics regularly, for the first time ever. Change should excite you guys.

  12. I wasn’t referring to anyone in particular with my previous comment. I just said you should judge stories on their merit as stories. I was also sharing what I think. I just think geeks have a hard time of excepting change. I was trying to rile some people up, but only to point out that some of them are being ridiculous. “Costume Changes? I’m never reading DC comics again!”

    • ~wyntermute~ on

      While I get your point, these aren’t just “stories”. They have pictures too, and people get attached to the visuals just as much as they do the “Grant Fucking Morrison!!” aspect of comic books. After all, a great number of comic book artists grew up admiring other comic book artists — NOT the ‘wordsmiths’ responsible for the sometimes-questionable scripts. While you might not give a whit what things look like ‘as long as the story is good’, that’s not what everybody reads comics for. So, in short, you’re attacking what other people like just because you don’t really care one way or the other about it, even though it may be inadvertently done. :) You think ‘they’re being ridiculous’, but there’s no way to empirically prove such a thing. They, like you, are entitled to OPINIONS. :) Have a nice day.

      • I think I get his above points though, if what you enjoy about a comic is so entirely set already, you might as well just read those comics you already own and enjoy. Every new issue that comes out comes with the possibility of change, it almost always reverts back to the status quo eventually (which we all seem to know about and then forget whenever something makes us mad). I don’t care one way or the other really, like I actually kinda like Hawk and Dove, but in no way can I go out and buy the title when Rob Liefeld is doing the drawing and writing, I do have limits too. There are certain art styles that won’t do it for us all, and really the writing part is a little harder because you should actually pick a title up and read it to make your mind up. All these changes probably won’t stay in exactly the same way that they are now, this seems to be much more like throwing a whole bunch of new stuff at a wall and seeing what sticks. Certain things will disappear when nobody is buying it, and much like Wonder Woman’s new outfit, it will evolve over a matter of months into a better blend of what the readers like. Little half jackets will be taken off and chokers might be added to Batman or something, I don’t know, I’m just saying. lol

        Trust me, I understand where a lot of people are coming from on some of these titles, I was not (and still am not) a huge fan of the new Teen Titans look, if feels like an Image inspired book from the 90s (not currently, their more recent indie titles have been pretty good), but even though I don’t care for the art, I might still give the book a look, I’ve always liked the team in its different incarnations.

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