SDCC’11: Lady Luck revealed as Justice League member


When the ‘Toon Tumbler Facebook page revealed the art for their Comic-Con exclusive, many people started scouring the ‘net for a rundown of who would be on the team.  The one character that was a mystery was the woman pictured below Green Arrow and Hawkman.

During the New 52 panel on Saturday, Geoff Johns revealed her to be Lady Luck.

Lady Luck?

Lady Luck is a fictional, American comic-strip crime fighter and adventuress created and designed in 1940 by Will Eisner with artist Chuck Mazoujian (1917-2011). Through 1946, she starred in a namesake, four-page weekly feature published in a Sunday-newspaper comic-book insert colloquially called “The Spirit Section”. The feature, which run through November 3, 1946, with one months-long interruption, was reprinted in comic books published by Quality Comics.

“a reinvention of an old character called Lady Luck…every time she buys a lottery ticket she wins. She’s going to get involved with the JLA after she attempts to buy out WayneTech.” He added she takes up crime fighting because she feels her life of luck has left her frustrated and directionless.”

via CBR