If you were still trying to figure out Marvel’s cryptic teaser image, you don’t have to burn anymore brain cells as it’s been announced that Jeph Loeb and Ed McGuinness are bringing Cable back in Cable Reborn.

Marvel’s EIC Axel Alonso believes that Cable will be one of “breakout” Marvel characters of 2012, and Loeb is just happy to be back doing one of the characters that worked on when he first came to Marvel, back in the day (the early 1990s) when comics were still “on paper,” as he jokingly put it.

You’re going to have to wait a little longer than the above paragraph lets on, as Cable Reborn is expected to arrive in December 2012.

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  1. My biggets problem with this character is that for me he doesn’t work well when he is taken out of the X Universe. At his inception he was set as a man from the future, Cyclopses son, and a soldier. I never noticed much of a glimmer of character when out of those circumstances.
    Regarding the future aspect, Bishop went back to being a cop on occasion and developed from there. Unfortunately for me, cable is the epitomy of what went wrong in the 90’s. More style and less substance.

    • I have always wanted to like Cable because I was very invested in the storylines that led to his birth and exile to the future. I agree with Slappy about Cable being completely less intersting outside of the X-Verse context.

      And the existence of X-Man in the 616 further undercut my ability to care about Cable . There is a such thing as too many characters from various vague future timelines (Cable & Stryfe, Bishop & Shard, X-Man, Fitzroy). Its too Deus Ex machina and makes series storytelling less compelling (NBC’s Heroes comes to mind).

      Feels like a rehash…

  2. Wait, I thought Hawkeye was supposed to be their breakout character? My reaction – who cares? Not me? Not that they’ve fouled up their main titles like Iron Man, Spiderman, FF and such to the point where we can’t even figure out who’s either dead, married, not dead really or not, they might as well play around with the third stringers nobody cares about. But if they expect this to save the industry, it’s a lot like throwing a drowning man a boat anchor.

    • The industry don’t need saving. Its evolving. The floppy books ain’t nothing but a way to hold on to property. Property that makes a bunch more money used in the contexts of film and tv.

      “Old” is not the new “new”. Its a dinosaur hungry at the edge of the tar pits. Good riddance to the old fashioned way of thinking about comics and thank goodness for the new evolution.

      • I would say though that while the floppies do hold the property rights, most movies made from those properties just rehash pre-existing stories from the books. They’re the creative structure that pushes and forms what the movies will be. Have we ever seen a new villain in a comic book movie that was introduced solely in the film. The only example similar to that that I can recall is Harley Quinn coming from the animated series into comics.

        But yeah, almost all of the profits from those properties are made from movies, tv series and toys.

  3. Seriously? All that hype for a character “reborn” . . . and we get Cable?

    This character “died” once before Messiah Complex – promptly returned – and then died again after the conclusion of his series. Because of this, his return just doesn’t seem all that epic.

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