When I need to find someone to showcase for the Art Appreciation Moment of the Day, and I need to do it quickly, Gene Gonzales seems to be one of my go to artists.  He’s recently been working on some Legion of Superheroes art, and I’m taken by his Shadow Lass piece.

Here’s the pencil sketch…

I’m in a Legion state of mind. I did some work for a client today, moved on to the final pencil art for a Karate Kid/Princess Projectra painting, moved on to doodling some ideas for a Shrinking Violet painting, and then pulled out a sheet of 11″ x 17″ Strathmore Bristol Board and whipped up this rough of Shadow Lass. I’m not sure if I will ink or paint it. I love days like this. Long Live the Legion! :)

And here is the final piece.

I finished Shadow Lass this evening. Before inking I reworked her legs and left hip. Making the legs a bit longer and thickening them up a bit. The hip I just raised a bit. Her name, a gray outline and some white gel pen work and she was finished.

via Gene Gonzales