New details about the next Magic: The Gathering block emerged at San Diego.

The set will feature a “classic horror” theme, full of classic Universal-style monsters like zombies, vampires and werewolves. Also whereas usually these critters are normally hanging out exclusively in Black they will be spread out among the other colors.

here are a cuple tweets from Mark Rosewatter, M:TG head of design and also lead designer for Innistrad:

Maro254: Black zombies are traditional “Dawn of the Dead” zombies. Blue zombies are Frankenstein-like zombies. Undead creatures built by science.

Maro254: One of the challenges of Innistrad’s design was not putting everything in black. We worked hard to find reasons to put horror in every color

We’ve also gathered that Lilliana Vess will return and she will be getting a new card.


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      • I just thought it was interesting because the set seems horror themed and so is Ravenloft. I don’t think there would be a crossover, just similar flavor.

  1. Interesting, will we have creature type werewolf? or will it be a 2/2 wolf that turns into something else when activated.

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