Here is the roundup of tid-bits and information we’ve gathered from yesterday’s SDCC Justice League Panel.

  • Justice League International is an official UN-directed team, with Booster Gold as the leader.  This was something mentioned on the Thursday New 52 Panel.
  • The surprise news is that Batman isn’t supposed to be on the team. The UN doesn’t know about it, nor does Batman have permission. But of course we all know Batman doesn’t need anyone’s permission to do anything…
  • There will be a lot of big visuals and a lot of action in JLI.
  • In regards to the Green Lantern reveal that Sinestro is a GL once again, Goeff Johns says, “No one wants him to have it, he doesn’t want it, he can’t get it off. He has to take down the Sinestro Corps, which he built.”
  • If you think Aquaman sucks, you should really read the book.  That’s according to Johns, not me… I would never say anything like that… no… really…
  • Flash’s costume is really little pieces that shoot out of his ring. Flash is so fast that he runs around the room and the pieces bind to him via heat.
  • It sounds like Mr. Terrific is going to be part James Bond, part science fiction.
  • There will be an Asian hero who debuts in the pages of Mr. Terrific
  • Karen Starr does exist in the DCU, but no one would confirm or deny the existence of Power Girl. And certainly no one hinted broadly that Power Girl would appear in Mr. Terrific.  But you didn’t hear that from me.

Johns said that Hawkman is also a member of the JLA, and “they’ll be having a meeting, he’ll show up and a big bloody mace hits the desk. They look up and Hawkman’s all covered in blood. He says, ‘don’t worry, it’s not my blood.'”

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  • Don’t expect the JLA and the JLI to work together.
  • There are no plans to approach the new DCU with seasons, as I and many others have mentioned, but Jim Lee did say he’s been asked that a couple of times. I half expect that to percolate in his and the rest of the DC staff for a couple of months before that idea is picked up and run with.
  • The Legion of Doom will appear – though not by that name.
  • Everyone at DC seems oddly silent anytime Cassandra Cain, Donna Troy, or Stephanie Brown has been mentioned at any of the panels.  And except for a Dan DiDio comment about Wally West news on Monday, everyone is dancing around that character as well.

And that is what we know so far. Use the comment section below to share your thoughts, and keep checking the site, as we will continue to cover the show from our bunker 10,000 feet below sea level.

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  1. The only thing I don’t really care for is the Flash costume thing. I think the idea of the whole costume being in his ring is dumb too, but how does he know that it’s adhereing correctly to his body? He’s moving that fast and it’s melting together (I guess) wouldn’t it look different every time and frequently be thicker in some spots than other and stuff. Might as well just spray yourself down with a latex synthetic and go from there.

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