SDCC’11: DC’s Superman Panel


Reports from the show floor have most if not all of DC’s panels very full as people are trying to find any bit of information regarding the changes coming from the company.

Take the jump for our rundown of tidbits released during the Superman Panel on Friday.

  • Grant Morrison really wants to explore what makes people care about Superman.  With All-Star Superman focusing on the end of Superman’s life, Action Comics (or at least the first arc) gives Morrison a chance to explore how Superman got to be regarded, and more importantly, where he got his costume.
  • Regarding the cape, Morrison says it is the only thing left of Krypton, and it is very important to him (Superman).
  • Expect to see Steel in the first four issues of Action Comics.
  • Yes, the younger Superman will have had interactions with the Legion of Superheroes – look closely in issue #1 of Action Comics.
  • Lex Luthor is kind of a good guy.
  • In the Superman book, Clark Kent is just a lonely guy trying to find his place in the world.
  • Last year, Superman: Earth One was a huge success for DC and writer J. Michael Straczynski.  He is working on Superman: Earth One volume 2.

The second book focuses on Clark Kent getting into a life in Metropolis – including the question of whether a powerful Kryptonian can have sex. When a neighbor comes on to Clark very hard, the story shifts to the hero in Smallville having “the talk” with his father. All this ties in to Superman’s battle with the Parasite whose act of depowering the young Man of Steel opens up some interesting and embarrassing doors for the young hero

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  • Years ago, the Superman/Action Comics cast wound up working for WGBS television. In this new take on the DCU, the company has Lois Lane once again working for a global media conglomerate on the television.
  • In Superboy #1 we learn that Superboy is being reverse engineered by a group called N.O.W.H.E.R.E.
  • It was revealed (or jokingly stated) that Superboy would be the super villain for the first year of Teen Titans.
  • I don’t know how the topic was brought up, but Blue Beetle will not be part of the Teen Titans.
  • Superman and Action Comics will be all ages books.
  • During the Q&A Morrison said that print comics won’t go away, but probably won’t be as prominent. “I think it is a very exciting time.”

And that is what we know so far. Use the comment section below to share your thoughts, and keep checking the site, as we will continue to cover the show from our bunker 10,000 feet below sea level.

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