Once again we dive into DC’s New 52 panel to see if there are any new bits of information, that hasn’t already been shared.

On the Panel:

Scott Lobdell
Rob Liefeld
Bob Harras
Eddie Berganza
Dan DiDio
Jim Lee
Judd Winick
Tony Daniel,
Bernard Chang
Sterling Gates
Grant Morrison
Geoff Johns
Scott Snyder

  • See the Green Lantern panel for word on Hal Jordan
  • See the Superman panel for word on Superman’s “Linus blanket”
  • Hawk and Dove won’t get along. Leifeld describes Hawk as the Hulk and Wolverine in the same body.
  • New characters will be introduced in the Hawkman title. See the Justice League panel for Hawkman’s introduction.
  • One of the new Hawkman villains is Dollmaker
  • In Swamp Thing, Alec will have memories of being both Alec and Swamp Thing.
  • Expect to see Swamp Things from different generations.
  • See the Batman panel for Batman of Africa news. Actually, there isn’t much there either, but Winick does seem to repeat his lines about the character like he did on Thursday.

DiDio made a rather bold statement when a fan asked about DC being behind with female characters

“Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Batgirl, Birds of Prey, Dove, female leads in every team book. I’d like to match up female leads in our books up against any other company out there, I think we have the best percentage out there”

via Newsarama

  • New Gods return in Multiversity that arrives next summer (2012).

Morrison asked, “Do more women want to write DC superheroes?” and when many female fans responded “Yes!” he simply added “Then send your stuff in.”

via CBR

And that is what we know so far. Use the comment section below to share your thoughts, and keep checking the site, as we will continue to cover the show from our bunker 10,000 feet below sea level.

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  1. No way! A crossover in the first issue of Teen Titans! The Vulture is—hmmm… what? THAT’S TIM?!?!

    …walks away crying…

  2. Oh. So Blue Beetle DOES get a tweak to his costume: Long fingernails!


    And does anyone know who the African-American gent in Legion Lost is?

  3. Morrison’s “Send it in” comment about female writers is kind of a slam. DC doesn’t accept writing submissions.

    • brainypirate on

      There’s been a lot of talk about that exchange on the women&comics blogs. Some have questioned whether Morrison would even know the company policy about unsolicited submissions (why would he?). But still, for no one else on the panel (coughDiDiocough) to correct him is disheartening.

      Equally disheartening is the claim that “we only hire the best”, which implies that the other women who were writing and drawing for DC aren’t good enough to be included in the relaunch.

      If the info I’ve read is correct, it was only when Simone was on the panel that DiDio acknowledged that the lack of women creators as a problem. And apparently, at no time did he think to say “We have lots of projects by women in the works.” PR disaster at every angle, it seems.

  4. I am saddened at just HOW MUCH my favorite heroes are doing that makes me just say ‘Meh’.

    So far the only thing I see in this relaunched universe that I am remotely interested in is Morrison’s Superman book…and that I can wait for the inevitable trade.

    What an awful time for comics….

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