I’ve been anxiously awaiting this movie, and now it has arrived- CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE FIRST AVENGER!

After being deemed unfit for military service, Steve Rogers volunteers for a top secret research project that turns him into Captain America, a superhero dedicated to defending America’s ideals.

Did you get to see it? What did you think?  Here’s your chance to share your thoughts, opinions, gripes, and/or love for the movie.  Will it break the Harry Potter record?  Will it even beat Harry Potter at the box office this weekend?  It’s time for you to TALK BACK!



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  1. I just finished watching the premiere and completely enjoyed it. Slowly building up to full embodiment of Captain America reminded me of the first Iron Man movie. The romance between Steve and Peggy worked much better than the love interest in Thor. I am not fully knowledgeable of the Captain America history so I cannot say whether the movie ran true to the comics, but the fundamentals of the story are there. Small kid wants to fight for his country, scientists make him big, cue Red Skull, big man kicks butt and saves America. The way CA becomes apart of this timeline was slightly farfetched. Then again we are dealing with a man who has been genetically enhanced, so who am I to say he couldn’t survive as a human popsicle for 70 years. In one shot it appeared that CA successfully blew up then jumped off a 30 feet high HYDRA tank, that left me scratching my head. All in all Captain America is a great comic book flick, and my personal favorite this summer. Bring on The Avengers!

  2. I loved it. I’d rank it up there with the first Iron Man movie. One complaint I have with a lot of superhero movies is that they aren’t in costume enough. Not the case here. There are some real iconic images of Cap in battle whether it’s throwing his shield or jumping from an explosion or just kicking some HYDRA butt. You can just picture those in a comic book.

    Chris Evans was great as Cap. Joe Johnston did an awesome job of directing and you can tell he loves that time period.

    Can’t wait to see some screen caps of the teaser that followed the movie.

  3. Saw @MajorSpoilers post about going to the midnight showing of Cap and decided last minute to go with a couple of buddies of mine. Turned out to be a blast, we really enjoyed the movie and our local comic shop was there had some free comics to pass out and a raffle for some prizes as well. One of my buddies even won a Captain America Hardcover book as (My raffle ticket was one point off, but I’m not bitter ;) ). All in all it was a really fun night.

  4. Excellent! Ranks up there with the first Iron Man and was well cast and well played. (Especially Tommy Lee Jones who can hold his own with anyone.) Won’t spoil anything but be sure to wait until after the credits for some cool stuff.

  5. I actually liked it – it’s definitely far greater than the dreadful X-Men, Thor and the other poor comic-book movies that have already been released this year. Story, acting, direction and the like all function together very properly.

    • I actually really enjoyed the newest X-men movie, I thought it was a really solid story, especially if you can divorce yourself from any X-men comic continuity that you might possess and just watch it as a movie. I also thought Thor was pretty good, if not a little rushed and the romantic link was way too fast.

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