I hear there was some talk of Batman at one of the DC panels today at San Diego. Take the jump for our Major Spoilers summary of announcements (or lack thereof).

On the Panel

David Finch
Gregg Hurwitz
Scott Snyder
Peter Tomasi
Scott Lobdell
Judd Winick
Gail Simone
Kyle Higgins
Chris Burnham
Grant Morrison
editor Rachel Gluckstern

  • Judd Winick on Catwoman: “This is a dirty, dirty book, and you’re going to enjoy it.”
  • Judd Winick on Batwing: “An opportunity to create a new Batman.”
  • If you like comics about damaged characters, you’re going to love Red Hood and the Outlaws… There you go, kids. Starfire is damaged goods… and you know what that means… Yup, her past with Dick Grayson is still part of DC continuity.
  • Morrison says you’re going to shed tears when Batman Incorporated returns.
  • Apparently, all of the villains in the DCnU won’t get much of a change and will stay true to their concepts.
  • Batgirl, like many of the other DC titles (Justice League, Action Comics) will be a series that focuses on Barbra Gordon as a young woman just out of college, struggling to find her place in the world. If Gail wasn’t pulling someone’s leg, that should make a lot of people happy.
  • Simone also said fans shouldn’t worry about Stephanie Brown, she hasn’t been lost in the new DCU. As many of speculated, and I believe at least on of us has mentioned it before- Batgirl, Inc. anyone?

And save for a crack about gingers and Jason Todd’s hair, that was about all that was said at the panel worth noting. Use the comment section below to share your thoughts, and keep checking the site, as we will continue to cover the show from our bunker 10,000 feet below sea level.

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  1. Hmmm. Dirty as in they forgot to wash their hands before handling the printing plates or dirty as it dark and gritty or dirty as in X-rated? Batwing? A whole new Batman? This comment mades no sense. I like damaged goods down at the Freight and Salvage store, not sure about in my comics though. Somebody please tell Grant Morrison that I weep whenever I see a book that he’s been involved with – and they are NOT tears of joy. The only thing worse than Grant Morrison on a book would be a team-up with Grant Morrison and Rob Leifeldt. Batgirl intrigues me. Actually, the best Batgirl I’ve seen since the original one in the TV series was the young teen BG in the All*Star Batman and Robin. What’s the deal with that series, anyway? Grump grump grump. Stephanie Brown. Meh. Jason Todd’s hair. Meh.

  2. hectorbustnuts on

    I was initially interested in a Catwoman relaunch…then I heard it was Winick.

    Now I’ve seen some art. I’m interested no more.

  3. If they let Selena grow her hair I might be willing to read the book regularly. The current image gives me associations with that god-awful movie.

    I have no problem with Jason Todd wearing a jacket, but could they at least give it enough length to make it come down to his waist. Or is he buying his wardrobe from the women’s section these days?

    I will probably cry when Batman Inc returns, because it will mean I stop reading Batman again.

    Everything else sounds fine to me. I am still interested in the new Batgirl.

  4. Damn, it’s going to be good to have Nightwing back. He looks brutal.

    Seriously, you guys don’t think those Catwoman images are hot? Wait until puberty kicks in kids. I’m going to check it out.

    So Professor Pig is going to be a Batman villain and not a Nightwing villain?

    I wish they would just launch Batwoman already.

    You know what’s going to be great about Batwing? Straight up old fashioned, African style violence. They got some crazy ways to kill a guy over there.

    I’m cautiously optimistic about Red Hood. I thought Winick’s Red Hood series was quality. It was just underrated because the old timers don’t like Jason Todd rising from the grave. Jason getting his head caved in by the Joker was one of their formative comic book moments and they don’t like that the story moved on.

    I’m interested to see if they return to that weird incestuous relationship between Jason and Talia. She has one of Bruce’s sons and sleeps with the other. She’s like Anne Boleyn.

    • It isn’t really that incestuous. Jason Todd is only an adopted son of Bruce, not biological. It is more on par with sleeping with your ex’s best friend’s younger brother.

    • I thought Winick’s Red Hood series was quality. It was just underrated because the old timers don’t like Jason Todd rising from the grave. Jason getting his head caved in by the Joker was one of their formative comic book moments and they don’t like that the story moved on.

      Now, now… Let’s not get all internetty about it. :) There’s also the somewhat suspect circumstances of his resurrection, and Batman Annual #20 (where the story was told) was a mixed bag at best… People love their comics, and we’re far too quick to immediately dismiss people’s concerns as unfounded based on opinion.

      • I’m standing by my statement. Death in the family was iconic, second only to maybe Speedy shooting up or Gwen getting her neck snapped. People just haven’t been giving the Red Hood a chance because they’re offended that someone is messing with a classic.

        I like that annual. I ignore that Superboy Prime stuff, it was part of another story and it doesn’t really have anything to with Jason, since he goes into the pit anyway. To me, a story about a woman so consumed with erotomaniacle obsession for Batman that she (essentially) reanimates his dead son and has sex with him? That’s good stuff.

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