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Western fans of all kinds have had a lot to celebrate as the genre once more rises to prominence. The writing team from DC’s Jonah Hex, one of the most-loved weird westerns, has decided to visit DEADLANDS… and they’re bringing a massacre with them!

This July, Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray, who also recently teamed up on one-shots TRAILBLAZER and TATTERED MAN, have been joined by artist Lee Moder (SHINKU) to bring to life the story of Clementime, a young Indian Shaman with a tragic past and a violent future. Her father is a dark legend, whose name is cursed on every tongue. Her mother, long thought dead, is a slave forced into prostitution. Clementime is planning a family reunion and the Old West may just not survive it.

Palmiotti and Gray weave a tale of tragedy, violence, and sorrow in the DEADLANDS tradition. Lee Moder, with his brilliant rendering, has created in Clementime a truly unique heroine who’s beauty, nobility, grace, and power is apparent from the first page. Mike Atiyeh, who is coloring the book, has taken Lee’s art to the next level with a rich palette that captures the time and place of the Old West up against the supernatural.

Reaction to Deadlands has been phenomenal, with stories of sell-outs across the country, the hugely successful Maryland and New England area tours from creators David Gallaher, Steve Ellis and C. Edward Sellner, and reviews of DEADLANDS: THE DEVIL’S SIX GUN burning up the internet with nothing but high praise. With all the hype and buzz building around book one, and the teams yet to come, one thing is clear… Image Comics and Visionary Studio are just getting started!

On top of media buzz about the main stories, the long-awaited revelation of the secret backup story as introducing western legend Billy The Kid into the DEADLANDS universe, in a truly unique take on the story, has been gathering its own steam. The Kid, introduced in the pages of DEADLANDS: THE DEVIL’S SIX GUN, will have a new chapter of his origin story in each of the four one-shots, and as of DEADLANDS: MASSACRE AT RED WING, art will be taken over by Ale Aragon (28 Days Later). As celebration of The Kid’s triumphant return, Image Comics and Visionary are releasing the full first chapter of the story online free through Image Comics’ Comixology app so that anyone who missed DEADLANDS: THE DEVIL’S SIX GUN can follow the story in the back of DEADLANDS one shots yet to come!

DEADLANDS: MASSACRE AT RED WING (MAY110505), a 32-page full color comic, goes on sale July 20, 2011 for $2.99.


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