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The all-ages sensation is back with a roar. The third volume in Mike Bullock’s series of graphic novels features interior artwork by Michael Metcalf, a stunning new cover by Mike Ploog (ABADAZAD), and back-up stories with artwork by Adam Van Wyk (Justice League, Batman Beyond) and Dan Hipp (Amazing Joy Buzzards, Ben 10).
When Joey Price wishes Courtney’s mean cousin Beth would get eaten by a Beastie, little did he know that the evil Grillus was listening and happy to oblige. It’s up to Joey, Courtney, Ares and Minerva to save Beth and restore order to the Stuffed Animal Kingdom.

Both Adam Van Wyk and Dan Hipp will be signing at the Hermes Press booth (#1821-23) on Saturday from 11am to 1pm. Why wait, when you can pick up the OGN a month before it hits the stores? Mr. Hipp will also have a limited edition, full-color art book on hand, which includes a sneak peak of his upcoming OGN, Stray Days!

“Amazing concept, great script, gorgeous art and a pure love of storytelling that permeates every page.” -Gail Simone

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