This Major Spoilers Poll of the Week comes to us from Otter Disaster, the mind behind the Major Spoilers Adventures webcomic series that you can read every Friday, right here, on this site. But, more importantly, it’s lunch time, and the topic of fast food usually comes up around Stately Spoilers Mansion – especially when it comes to those delicious crispy potatoes we call Freedom Fries (not really).

A few months ago, Wendy’s changed the way they serve up their carbohydrate, chemical coated, deep fried potatoes.


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  1. With fries, as well as most things in pop-culture, I prefer the original. “Natural Cut” is clearly the Ultimate Universe/Relaunch Fry. Old Style all the way!

  2. I prefer the old style. can’t put my finger on it, the new style tastes different and it seems odd to me (guessing it is the deep fried skin). I want skin on my baked potato not on my deep fried fries.

  3. ClubberLang6 on

    It is like comparing new coke with Coca Cola Classic! I don’t know why these corporations mess with something that is good!

  4. While I love fast food, Wendy’s is just one I won’t go to. I worked in a Wendy’s for about 3 weeks in high school and haven’t been able to go back. Of course that particular Wendy’s was shut down for health code violations about 6 months later, so that one probably wasn’t a good example of the chain, but it put me off Wendy’s. (On the other hand, I worked for Burger King for about 3 years around the same time, and I’ll still go back there)

  5. I haven’t eaten junk food for at least 5 years now. Mainly because I don’t like the taste of it, but also because it’s healthier to make things yourself.

    Mayhaps it helps that I live in Europe, where the benefit of going to a chain is almost negligible.

    C’est la vie

  6. I prefer the taste of the new Wendy’s fries over any other “regular” fries out there. I normally don’t like fries (except curly fries, which I LOVE) but I like the Wendy’s fries well enough that I’ll get an order of just that and a drink sometimes.

  7. litanyofthieves on

    Here in the barbaric wastes of Canada, we have only heard tales from traveling bards of how this “Wendy’s” serves its customers nuclear potatoes, salads with man-eating venus flytraps, and chalices of hoarfrost while a smiling woman with a flaming head grins maliciously down upon her customers…..

    Seriously, though, there’s no Wendy’s where I live, so I haven’t had a chance to try the new ones yet.

    • ~wyntermute~ on

      … It’s things like this that keep giving people the impression that we all live in igloos up here. I’m also in Canada, and there is a Wendy’s in my city. We don’t all inhabit the ‘barbaric wastes’ of which he speaks.

      • litanyofthieves on

        Relax, man, it was mostly a joke. Also, I’m from northern alberta, so “barbaric wastes” is an entirely apt description.

    • litany, that’s similar to my reaction when people talk about places that aren’t around here, like Jack in the Box or Chik-fil-A or Coldstone. Except I don’t live in the wastelands of canada, I live in Backwater Hillbillyburg, Illinois (Proud of our new stoplight we got in 1975).

  8. The new fries, while not the best fries around, are vastly superior to the mushy, flavorless originals. I like Wendy’s burgers, but was often deterred from eating there because of their awful french fries. Since the change to the new fries I’ve eaten there more in the last 4 months than in the last 4 years.

  9. I like the old fries. They kept me from eating french fries at Wendy’s which made my meal slightly healthier than it would have been at any other restaurant.

  10. Natural for me, then again I’ll eat both with no problem, as long as they are not garlic fries I’ll eat them so fast I’ll hardly notice the difference.

  11. Robalobadingdong on

    Old style. I do not like the gimmick that is natural cut fries. Seems like they are trying to get the health conscious people in by saying that they are NATURAL cut fries and they still have the skin on. Don’t bullshit me Wendy’s.

  12. That poll will certainly change the face of the world. I chose the nature one because they are more crispy than the mushy old one. And I’d really hope I could honestly select the third choice, so I’d have less jogging to do to loose that extra grease! :)

  13. I tend to stay away from fast food, generally because I don’t want moobs. However I did have the old style when I ate that, and it was salty. Which of course equals tasty.

  14. My choice of fries is Carl’s Jr. from back in the day. Crinkle cut and crispy on the outside with a little tub of ketchup to dip them in.

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