Top 300 Comics for June 2011


It shouldn’t come as any surprise that Marvel once again took the top spot when it comes to the number of comics sold in the month of June 2011. The company publishes far more titles than anyone else, thus the market share race is always going to come out with the House of Ideas on top, and DC Comics coming in second.

Where the battle really becomes interesting is when we examine the Top 10 comics from the month. Interestingly, it wasn’t Fear Itself or Flashpoint fighting for the top spot, but rather Ultimate (comics) Spider-Man #160 – the Death of Peter Parker that took the gold.  Spider-Man helped Marvel clean house in the Top 10, bringing in seven titles, against DC’s three.

As far as the rest of the publisher’s go, Image Comics took third, with Dark Horse and IDW Publishing close behind.

Fortunately, when compared to May, sales were up by 18%, but compared to a year ago, comic sales are down by 4.52%.

And what about the Top 300?  Take the jump for the breakdown.


via Diamond Comic Distributors