Entertainment Weekly has released a crap ton of images from the upcoming Amazing Spider-Man movie, and though Stephen didn’t want to run them, I figured one little image one hurt anybody (C&D not withstanding).

I gotta say I love how Peter Parker pulled one over on the basketball team by stealing all their balls and sewing them into this wicked looking suit.   Hope he has a air hole so he can breath, or this is going to be a really short movie.

via All Over The Intardwebz originally from Entertainment Weekly


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  1. The “sneakers” he has on look awesome too. I love the look, definitely a home made feel to it, although a bit challenging for someone to pull off without extensive cloth altering skills. But hey, Ill buy it. The fact that the magazine also showed pics of actual clickable web shooters Peter will be wearing made the ‘straight and narrow’ geek in me smile.

    • If it were more cloth/spandex-like I’d buy it as being plausible to make, but this weird synthetic rubber whatever it is suit makes no sense how even a smart teenager would get ahold of it and sew it up so well. Especially in his earliest incarnations. Putting that aside, I like the vibrant colors and it’ll probably look pretty cool in the theater. I can be negative about some things, but I ultimately wait until it’s out and then I’ll definitely see it and make up my mind then. I mean I own a copy of Elektra and Catwoman for Peter’s sake. (I also own the 1994 Roger Corman Fantastic Four and the 1978 Doctor Strange movies too.)

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