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Immedium announces the publication You Might be a Monster and Other Stories I Made Up by the pop culture artist Attaboy. A dazzling designer of collectible vinyl toys, plush dolls, and gallery paintings, Attaboy creates amusing monster tales for 21st century readers who are kids at heart.

What if you combined Shel Silverstein and Tim Burton with a dollop of Dr. Seuss? You’d get Attaboy. With his theatrical eye for the absurd and unbridled paintbrush, Attaboy’s hilarious anthology of poems will amuse readers of all ages.

In his trademark style of bold color and twisted humor, Attaboy supplies a baker’s dozen of zany rhymes. He introduces off- the-wall characters (a child who is a sock magnet), highlights the adorably peculiar (a hugging cactus), and juxtaposes the mundane (counting sheep to sleep) with the bizarre (zombie clowns).

Then there’s the title story. Because of his beastly behavior, Gustav’s parents hire an expert to determine if their son is truly a monster! Take this wacky litmus test for yourself:

  • Do you chew with BOTH your mouths open?
  • Do you pick your nose with a Ship’s Anchor?
  • Does soap scare you? I mean, REALLY scare You?

If so, then you might be a monster!

Enjoy hidden jokes and hilarious wordplay. Attaboy’s fantastic renderings have won him legions of devoted fans worldwide and prompted New Times Weekly to report, “Ideas like these have made Attaboy something of a rock star not only at toy stores but also in the world of contemporary art and design.”
“What a wonderful, bizarre mess of shiny, plastic creatures in dark, gritty predicaments. This book is a welcome antidote to the tedious sameness that afflicts the world of children’s books.” – Dave Cooper, author of Bagel’s Lucky Hat
You Might be a Monster brims with a visual cornucopia that will grab both readers’ attention and imagination. These monsters may come from other dimensions, but will find a home squarely in the laps of everyone who is still growing up and appreciates strikingly original humor and graphic design.
$15.95 USA, Children’s Picture Book ISBN 13: 978-159702-025-1 10.5 x 9, 36 pages

Attaboy ( is an internationally renowned gallery artist who successfully modernized classic toys and games for Hasbro. He has created stationary for Dark Horse Comics and The Disney Channel broadcasted his animation Too Many Robots. He is co-founder of the quarterly popular art magazine Hi-Fructose ( its editions regularly sell out, it is the #1 selling art magazine at Barnes and Noble, and its collected volumes are published by Last Gasp.

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