When Green Lantern #1 arrives in September, a new old Green Lantern will be introduced, and you might just be surprised who it is (or not).

The red-hot GREEN LANTERN team of writer Geoff Johns and artist Doug Mahnke introduce an unexpected new Lantern.


Sinestro!? The once upon a time “Greatest Green Lantern” is back? What about Hal? What about Guy? Wait, wasn’t there just a movie that had Sinestro as a Green Lantern? Maybe this isn’t as big a surprise as you might have thought.

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  1. A prequel about the origin a famous villain, what could go wrong?

    As long as he doesn’t scream “Noooooooooooooooooooooo!” when he turns evil.

  2. I’m more curious if its a prequel, which would make the most sense given all that DC’s been doing and going to do lately, or if its like ” oh hey let’s make sinestro good again after the war of the green lanterns”

  3. This has got to be a prequel…please…

    But still…considering that they are hoping for new readers coming in from the movie, and Sinestro was a good guy there, it’s not that big of a stretch, unfortunately…

    Mokin is very confused, and does not know how to react…

  4. ~wyntermute~ on

    Maybe “Flashpoint” resets Sinestro’s default color to green? And I’m with Mela: Hal is _so_ passe.

  5. Just confusing is all this mess of fresh steaming cow dung is. I can not wait to go to my comic book shop and say dont pull anything for me for a while. I will call you. That means I will see you in a few years. Thanks DC for getting rid of a long time fan.

  6. Oh quit your whinging Eric, your gonna miss out on the relaunch then because as a long time DC fan myself i’m quite looking forward to this now, especially seeing Sinestro lead the way for the GL comics.

    So whatever, have fun missing out on all this new stuff, we won’t miss you!

  7. I am looking forward to the reboot as well. I had Final Crisis fatigue and they jumped into Blackest Night before I recharged, so I just stopped reading comic cold turkey. The reboot, sorry relaunch, was going to get me back in, but the more that comes out the more I worry I am going to waste my time (except Scott Lobdel he raised my hopes).

    Without more detail I am worried this might be a big fail with respect to pulling in people who are interested in Green Lantern after seeing the movie. The prequel area is a good idea that I did not think about, but I have faith in DC’s ability to take a good idea with high marketing value and trash it (Batman The Dark Knight movie/Batman R.I.P.) I really want to love them, but they make it so hard. I am neither a masochist nor codependent on DC.

    • I can’t imagine that they really get many people into comics that are coming in because of the movie. Maybe there are some, but it doesn’t seem to be the case in my part of the world. My wife wanted to see Green Lantern and she liked it, but she was there for Ryan Reynolds and that’s all she wanted. Others I know liked/disliked and were tepid on the movie but none of them got into comics to see what else there was. The general movie going populace will probably at most just keep the franchise in mind in case they ever make another movie.

  8. Still shocked that Blackest Night is happening at the same time as the Amazon/Atlantis war in Flashpoint (read Abin Sur, better then I hopped), so this isn’t as much a shock.

    I’ll read this, Sinestro is one of the few bad guys that never screamed “evil” to me, just extremist in his actions.

  9. Yeah Sinestro was always a cocky jerk but evil? No. I like this move. I’d like to see him working WITH the JLA for a year before one of the other 4 take back over. Curious though why would I if I was Sinestro want to go back to working for the Man when I have my own successful knockoff Corp named after myself. So who runs the Sinestro Corp now?

  10. Cool concept, won’t buy it because well I’m not a lantern fan. Still its pretty cool, though sign me up for Hawkman and Aquaman please!

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