“Love and work…work and love, that’s all there is.” –Sigmund Freud

Andy Go is an amateur cartoonist dreaming of hitting it big — and he just might get his chance. But at what price?

Mythomania is a comedic slice-of-life webseries about a group of aspiring cartoonists. Written and directed by Derek Kirk Kim, it is a spin-off series of Tune (http://tunecomic.com). Mythomania and Tune are alternate timelines that stem from the same story. Both stories share the same characters but Andy Go and his friends go down very different paths after college in each series.

Jeremy Arambulo, Vivian Bang, Simone Lamar Carter, Anthony Giambusso, Ace Gibson, Chris Peterson

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  1. My summarized feedback:

    1) The pace is ponderous. Sometimes a shot was simply held too long.

    1) The production quality was good.
    2) The camera work was more professional at times than other web series I’ve seen. When the camera finally did cut, it did well.
    3) I like the characters though at least one is all but superfluous at this point.

    I am interested in the Andy/Ashley story. That seems to be the main hook, really.

    I think it would have brought me back for more if Andy had opened the door as he did but we didn’t see Ashley in the shot. … Anticipation and all that.

    But I’ll be back for the next episode anyway. Good start!

  2. I do like Vivian Bang, so I’ll probably check it out for her alone, if she gets more of a role. (this is pre watching the second episode so we’ll see. She was in the Jim Carrey movie, Yes Man, and she’s popped up in other stuff too.

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