If you are a Felcia Day fan, and want your own miniature version of her that will sit on your shelf and do your laundry, then 1) You probably ought to do your own laundry, and 2) Really? You want to put Felicia Day on your shelf? That’s really disturbing, dude. Go get help now.

For the rest of us, QMx is offering up this cute take on Penny from the phenom hit, Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog.

Cast in polystone and painted by hand, Penny is depicted with wide-eyed charm, doing what she does often and so very well: the laundry. As with all QMx animated maquettes, Penny comes with many screen-accurate details, such as her custom T-shirt, belted shawl-collar cardigan, stretch capri pants and ballet flats. She stands approximately 5.5 inches tall.

You’ll have to wait until August 2011 for this statue to arrive at your door, but you can pre-order now for a mere $49.95.

via QMx


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