It happens every year, companies start talking about all the things they plan on talking about at the San Diego Comic Con, and that gets us all excited about going. Until we realize the show sold out months ago, and there’s not a chance in heck that we’ll get past the CCI’s crack commando security unit.

But maybe you are going…or maybe not.


Will you make it to the San Diego Comic Con this year?

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  1. third option: “no thanks, it`s not my scene.” i can handle smaller cons, but the massive ones are too impersonal. i could head over to the DMV in a smurfette costume to recreate the experience without the expense.

    • I agree there really should have been a third option for those that aren’t going, but really never wanted. I mean they always sound like a great thing, as long as you can stand the smell, but they really aren’t my style.

  2. Going to SDCC is definitely on my nerd “bucket list” but a cross-continent trip for a weekend is outside of my budget for the next few years.
    I really appreciate that DC Comics distributes their major panels as podcasts. It’s not quite the same thing as being there, but it’s close.
    I wish the other publishers would get on that band wagon. I think it would help them get their word out in a very effective way.

    • Cats are evil. I have had a cat run out of another, up my chair and start biting my face multiple times for no reason. The worst I have had from a dog is it sat on my shoulder because it thought it was a parrot.

  3. I wanted to and I live close by, but I wasn’t able to get tickets in time. I do get to go to w00tstock down in San Diego that same Thursday at least.

  4. I really like that DC makes their panels available as podcasts and also think that other panels should be made available that way as well. It’s a great marketing tool and lets those of us that aren’t attending, a chance to hear the news and find out what’s happending without having to wade through hundreds of articles to find the nuggets.

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