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In this issue: The birthday celebration comes to an end, as Stephen, Rodrigo, and Matthew answer listener e-mail.


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  1. J Michael T on

    Congratulations on the 5-year anniversary. We appreciate all you guys do and look forward to the next 5+.

    I really enjoyed this episode. As a fan and donor, it energizes me to hear your plans and ideas for the future. Good times ahead!

  2. I think doing 30 minute Hero Histories where Matthew explains the history of a hero verbally could be interesting. I’m not sure if you’d need a second person for some interaction so it isn’t just a monologue, but I would definitely listen to those. You could certainly start them out as bonus episodes for a future holiday of some sort!

  3. I run a Pokemon league in my town, and whenever we get new players, their parents always ask me if their children are old enough to play. I always tell them: as long as your child has basic reading and arithmetic skills, they’ll be just fine.

    And if Pokemon is indeed something you’d like to start playing, I’d recommend getting a preconstructed theme deck (like those that are made for Magic and Yu-Gi-Oh!) as was mentioned. They come with a fairly balanced 60-card deck, a playmat, damage counters, a rulebook and a coin — everything you need to start playing/learning how to play.

  4. I recomend Yu-G-Oh over Pokemon, the fact that like Magic you need to have ressources only cards in the form of Energy means making a functional deck is harder then in yugioh. Either way ask the kid which he likes more then learn with him how to play and which are the rare card and how much they are worth so he doesn’t get burned in trades.

    P.S. Get you kid plastics to protect the cards, mint cards can be traded and even sold, nicked ones wont. It also teaches him to take care of his things.

  5. Thank you Matthew for defending pokemon. people seem to forget how solid the original game is, and wright it off as lame just because of the excesive merchandise and childish tv show.

  6. Hey Matthew, you said that getting books from the back issue bins is a better option than buying trades, and I do agree, in most ways, but I have another alternative. This past year, I went to the Mid-Ohio Con and while I was looking around and buying tons of cheap back issues, I wanted to get a more complete set of books to read instead of just parts 1, 4, and 6 of a seven part series (although I did buy issues 1-9 of Miracleman), so I went looking for some trades just to see what was around. I found a bunch of people selling them 50% or more off and another guy who had tons that had nicks in the covers or were scuffed or whatever for 70% off and then I ran into Tony Isabella’s table again and he had marked all these random graphic novels and TPB’s from his own collection down to $5.00/hardcover and $2.00/paperback, yeah, I bought a little over a hundred dollars worth of books from him that were in great shape and if I’d have paid the actual retail price (Come On Down, you’re the next….) for all those books, it would have been a little over $1100.00. So, looking for cheap places to get books is as easy as going to any local comic convention. I prefer the smaller conventions, granted I live in the middle of Ohio, so I don’t have many other options but still. Hey, we’re getting Walter Koenig (Pavel Chekov), Adam West, Burt Ward and Rob Liefeld this year! Woo Hoo! I hope Liefeld wears lots of pouches, and I think I’m gonna try to get a picture of his feet and see if he actually has any, it could explain a lot really…

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