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Celestial Crusade

This episode: MECHANICS TIME! The Critical Hit crew has reached a new level – listen as Matthew (Torq) and Stephen (Orem) level their characters to the next level (9).


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  1. LemmyCaution on

    Finally!! A leveling episode! Been waiting for this one… gonna eat it up!
    (I have no idea why you thought this would bore us… well, me anyway)

    Love the occasional breakaways into the mechanics… thanks, S&M&R1&B&R2&A!

  2. “don’t crush that drawf, hand me the pliers”. I have no idea what Matthew was referring to on this one.

  3. So glad that Orem took Mordenkain’s Sword as one of his powers. Its so appropriate for him. Just wondering, did you ever mention what Orem took as his two free rituals at level 5? I don’t remember hearing about it.

  4. Thicket of Blades (3[W] damage + slowing + reliable) would be a great choice for Torq. Also, if he can swing it with a retrain of a feat, I might suggest a switch to proficiency with an Executioner’s Axe, adding Brutal 2 to the ridiculousness of his damage :D

  5. Ben - Denton, TX on

    I know that Orem enjoys versatility in his spell selection, have you considered the Expanded Spellbook feat? It would allow you to pick 3 Dailies and 3 Utility powers with each level instead of 2. You still only get to use one of each level per day, but then you could use a controller spell when it is called for, a massive damage spell versus a boss monster, or a AOE versus large numbers of monsters. And with the utility power that lets you swap on the fly, the versatility is near endless. Just a thought.

    Oh, and don’t knock summoned creatures, sure they take your actions to attack, but they also soak damage (that is to say your bloodied value in HP) at the cost of only one healing surge. None too shabby, makes me wonder why Randus doesn’t use the Dancing Weapon more often? Free HP, a ‘ranged’ melee attack, and it attacks on a minor action so as not to interfere with the cross-bow Magic Weapon on his standard action, with a minor or move action to reposition or heal an ally in the bank.

    (^_^) +~——> ❁ [smiley casting with a flame wand]

    • That also begs the question why Torq doesn’t either use his dog Fluffy or pass it to someone who’ll use it or just plain look through the book and sell the item in the next down and buy something of equivalent value that will be of use to him. It takes a standard to summon the dog but from that point on it attacks on a Minor action, so anyone who doesn’t frequently have to use their minor to sustain or mark might make good use of him. If not, I’ll take him.

      • That also begs the question why Torq doesn’t either use his dog Fluffy or pass it to someone who’ll use it or just plain look through the book and sell the item in the next down and buy something of equivalent value that will be of use to him.

        It’s not that kind of game, for one thing. I haven’t had a general store to just walk into for a very long time, and you may recall that the dog was actually a gift from one of the deities of the realm. Not using something in every combat doesn’t mean I won’t use it, and it certainly doesn’t mean it’s forgotten. Torq has weapons other than his axe, too, and I use them when appropriate.

        • I understand that, I just thought I remembered Rodrigo talking about being able to sell it for something you’d actually want to use. And while you’re on a boat now, you were previously in a city that was continent-sized and you may return. I think if you guys ever wanted anything from the book, you’d be able to go to a local store (when in an appropriate place) and buy the item with your gold (supposing G-g-g-ghost pirates don’t steal it all). I know most of you don’t really want for anything in the game, it’s just that it’s possible to do so.

          And with Fluffy, I just thought that he doesn’t really fit well into your established play style, which isn’t a problem as far as I can see. Torq seems to be a guy who’d rather not delay punching some monster inna face to call his dog out, he’d probably get threatened and then go about beating everything into a pulp. I did forget that the dog was a gift though, and thinking about Torq, he probably wouldn’t be the type of guy to get rid of a gift. Hey, maybe you can summon him whenever you guys are about to go to sleep and he can be a guard dog during the night. I don’t actually know if he’d work that way but I’m sure you’ll find good uses for him.


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