Top Five Movies of the '80s

This week on the show: As part of the Major Spoilers Fifth Birthday Celebration, the Major Spoilers Crew presents their Top Five Movies from the ’80s.


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  1. Happy 5° Birthday you guys!!!!! Congratulations! Wish you 20000000 more podcasts.

    (I was waiting all time for a Carlin reference and Matthew didn’t let me down :D)

  2. I loved your choices of movies and felt like I could pick any of those 5 too. But when I made my own list, only one of your choices made my top 5…
    I too found it very hard to decide between number 5 and 6. My list is:

    #5 – Conan The Barbarian
    #4 – The Blues Brothers
    #3 – A Christmas Story
    #2 – The Empire Strikes Back
    #1 – The World According to Garp

    Thanks for the years of entertainment!

  3. Happy Birthday Major Spoilers and Critical Hit!!! Good list of movies, but how can we have a discussion about great 80’s movies and not have The Princess Bride or Airplane? June Cleaver speaking jive and Andre the Giant AS the brute squad was comedy gold!

  4. Rui Almeida, aka Ariamus on

    Great pod-cast fellas. I do have one comment for Stephen. You mentioned not having seen the Jaden Smith / Jackie Chan remake of “The Karate Kid”. I highly recommend you do. It may be blasphemy to challenge adolescent nostalgia to say so but objectively speaking, when it comes to the crafts involved with movie-making, the remake is a superior film to the original in just about every way. I love the original. Apart from being an entertaining movie, it’s also a part of my adolescence.

    But, in the remake, the acting is superior, with everyone involved turning in excellent work. The characters in the remake are deeper too. The setting is also much more scenic. About the only place the remake goes wrong is in the title. There would have been no problem with calling it “The Kung Fu Kid” and people recognizing it as a remake of “The Karate Kid”.

  5. slimeknight on

    5. Big Trouble In Little China: My cult classic.
    4. Back to the Future: Best time travel movie there is.
    3. The Empire Strikes Back: Star wars is a favorite trilogy and this is my favorite of the three
    2. Blazing Saddles: A great parody of the westerns and my favorite Brooks movie
    1. Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark: Nazi’s, frechman, and ancient Jewish ghosts nuff said.

  6. Great podcast – here are my five. I am not sure why but while I saw most of the films you described I think these five are the classics of the decade.

    5.) A Private Function – Michael Palin and Maggie Smith fight the class struggle (English style) in austere post-war rationing England.
    4.) Little Shoip od Horrors – The movie of the musical with Rick Moranis, Steve Martin and a sprinkling of other luminati from second city
    3.) Henry IV – Kenneth Branagth’s first shakespeare adaptation… brilliant
    2.) Rustler’s Rhapsody – Tom Berenger is a singing cowboy projected into a world where the typical rules of 1940’s westerns don’t apply. Sela Ward is the Coronel’s daughter. Hugh Wilson (WKRP) wrote it and stars as the town drunk. Andy Griffiths as the Coronel. Best scene – the Coronel’s enforcer walks into a bar and threaten’s the hero.
    1.) Bladerunner – Ridly Scott, Harrison Ford and Rutger Hauer… “All those moments will be lost like tears in the rain…”

    Special mention – Any Canadian’s writing in should list “Porky’s” which was the highest grossing Canadian film ever made. I worked in a Mall Cinema that summer and the hoade’s of people going to see that film was horrifying.

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