Here is the international poster for the upcoming Captain America movie, that moves away from Cap at the lone figure, adds the Howling Commandos, and a very menacing Red Skull in the background.

Also absent is Cap’s cap with the big A on it.  At least they left Captain America on the poster, as I understand in some countries the film is only called The First Avenger.

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  1. I’m actually encouraged; I’d heard rumors that they were going to de-emphasize the American angle for the international market (one rumor even said it was being called “Captain America: The First Avenger” in the U.S. but that in some markets it would just be called “The First Avenger” in some foreign markets). This would tend to belie those rumors.

    • TheNewNum.2 on

      For what it’s worth (which is probably not even the time it took to look) IMDb does not list any “Also Known As” titles that don’t include the “Captain America” part of the name. But interestingly enough, in a couple markets, it is aparently called “Captain America: First Avenger” with out that pesky “the” getting in the way.

    • It is going to be called The First Avenger in at least three countries. They allowed for countries wanting to downplay the American angle to use just the secondary title if the wanted due to some anti-american sentiment in those areas. The three countries are Russia, Ukraine and South Korea. Apparently it’s being done in Russia and Ukraine because the Cold War stopped Cap from getting well known in those countries and South Korea is more due to the belief that there are a bunch of South Koreans who oppose America’s military presence there. Also, it may not even show in China at all. Something about China only allowing 20 non-Chinese movies per year to be released in theaters.

  2. Not having read the Ultimate line of comics, I wonder how they are going to explain Nick Fury and his participation in the War being an African American soldier in a mostly segregated army.

  3. “Captain America- Episode 1: The Phantom Menace”! Great International poster. Would love to get all the movie posters.

    btw, I am Filipino-American, my grandfather was in the US Navy during WW2, and my father joined the Navy during the Vietnam Conflict. I rememebr how Japanese-Americans were more mature and not angry when they joined the US military or were placed in camps. They didn’t have any animosity and were very good Amercian patriots. Unlike most African-American, as a whole, who could learn a thing or two from that instead of expecting always expecting something…that they are still owed something.
    I myself served 8 years in the US Navy so I have my own observations and experiences. A couple of my good friends in the Navy were black and could care less about the “race card excuse”, more reparations(really? more? get over it already!) or whatever. So enough with the continous “Hate on America” attitude already. I see enough of that on many liberal-biased media, espcually in Hollywood and in comics. Been collecting comics regularly since 1984 and I’ve never seen so much liberal bias, liberal social engineering, liberal politcal correctness in my life as there is today.

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