What further trouble is the Dream Eater causing for the characters of the Grimm? Find out after the jump.

Story: Raven Gregory, Joe Brusha, and Ralph Tedesco
Writer: Raven Gregory
Artist: Alfred Trujillo
Colorist: Jason Embury and Andrew Elder
Letterer: Jim Campbell
Cover A: Ale Garza and Milen Parvanov
Cover B: Mahmud Asrar and Sanju Nivangune
Editor: Ralph Tedesco
Publisher: Zenescope Entertainment
Price: $2.99

Previously in The Dream Eater Saga: The Dream Eater has been summoned to stop the Dark One from taking over all realities, unfortunately he’ll do this by eating anyone not from Earth. So far he’s taken down the Queen of Hearts, and the Pied Piper barely escaped at the last moment.


This issue starts before the Pied Piper issue, as it shows The Dream Eater going after Baba Yaga. The fight is rather impressive as Baba is the first to actually know what is coming when the Dream Eater shows up. Of course we don’t get to see all of it as we cut to Samantha Darren, Earth’s protector, in the floral shop where she works.


We get a bit of explanation as to why she has the job before Baba Yaga shows up. Samantha realizes it’s her… aaaannnnnddd they fight. While fighting the Dream Eater shows up and they run away to the Inner Sanctum of the Nexus. Using this reprieve, they then summon more help, in the form of the Pied Piper.


Like my previous reviews of this event (here and here), artistically this issue is good. The dragon looks awesome, the magic effects were cool, and everything else was solid. I have zero complaints here, but again there isn’t anything that really comes out as being overly impressive for me either, it’s just good, solid work.


Dream Eater Saga part three came out with a bit more story than the other parts had and was mostly enjoyable to boot. Nothing really spectacular happened, so it gets a decent 3 out of 5 stars.

Rating: ★★★☆☆


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