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  1. Gotta hand it to Tom Cruise for doing his own stunts for that last trailer sequence. The guy may be batsh*t crazy in some senses but he CAN make a movie. This looks exciting, and may actually make me go watch part 3 which I skipped on account of part 2.

  2. Point 1: I hate what they’ve done with the theme song. Go back to the original!
    Point 2: That trailer probably showed us all the good parts in the entire movie.
    Point 3: As much as I love Mission Impossible and the James Bond franchise, those are all products of the Cold War era. The Cold War is over. And so far, neither franchise has managed to redefine itself in a way that really works since the end of the cold war.
    Point 4: The quality of the plot of the MI movies has gone down hill with every movie. I hope I am wrong but this doesn’t bode well for a fourth film.
    But then again, if they are following the Star Trek Movie formulas where the odd numbered movies suck and the even numbered movies are good, there is, indeed hope. Except, so far, in the MI movies, they haven’t stuck to formula. One was excellent, two was not half bad, three blew chunks.

  3. Feel free to correct me if I am wrong, but I thought a teaser trailer was supposed to give you a taste of the movie, not blow it’s proverbial nut on the audience. I think that everything that has been shown in this trailer is the best the movie has to offer, and the rest is filler. Mission Impossible 1, I watched, it was okay. Never saw MI2, only bought the soundtrack. Only saw TV spots for MI3, and then this. I just like a little bit of mystery.

    Now-a-days, if Empire Strikes Back was coming out, they’d show Luke getting his hand cut off, and Han frozen in carbonite.

  4. I think Tom Cruise is trying for another hit movie. Looking on imdb, there have been 4 movies since the last MI which I haven’t seen. Actually looking at the entire list, the first half of his movies have many “classics”, the last half have many “ho-hums”.

    I’m a big fan of the Mission Impossible TV show. It was a team show in which different people were key players each episode and some big actors didn’t even appear in some episodes (or were minor players). MI, the movie series just seems to me like a Tom Cruise vehicle (where he is the star), which is the antithesis of the TV show.

  5. The first will always be my favorite. It really wasn’t much like these later ones at all. It was more like the Usual Suspects than it was like the A-Team/Losers/Michael Bay type John Woo film.

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