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According to the ‘Toon Tumbler Facebook page, this is the final Justice League lineup that will be featured in the upcoming DC relaunch.   The company is prepping this Jim Lee image for it’s ‘Toon Tumbler San Diego Comic Con exclusive that will be available at the convention next month.

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  1. The Manhunter always gets screwed.

    Let’s see if Drudge links to this article and we get a bunch of right wing screwheads talking about affirmative action putting a black man in the place of a more qualified green man.

  2. I may be in the minority but I am REALLY liking the costume changes. Probably because I totally skipped the “Wildstorm” and Authority books so Jim Lee’s looks aren’t “retro” to me. I’m still not sure what I think of switching Martian Manhunter for Cyborg in the “Original Big 7” and trading him to Stormwatch (for a possible future draft pick). Having Deadman fill the old “Phantom Stranger” slot is interesting as is having the first three “added” members, Green Arrow, Atom and Hawkman and Canary on the “other” 7 as well. I don’t recognize the two females (one on each side) shown. Any help there?

    • That’s Element Woman on the left. She was introduced in the Flashpoint event. On the right is Mera, Aquaman’s boo.

      • Mera I could see. I read Flashpoint #1 and the character on the left doesn’t look like Element Woman. Plus, I’d be PISSED if Metamorpho was “genderized”. The head-gear looks like Dr. Light but I can’t see a company trying to “diversify” their heroes getting rid of another Asian character after the Ryan Choi back-lash.

  3. Eddie Sheridan on

    I’m all for reinvigorating things, but c’mon! Cyborg over Manhunter? Looks like somebody grew up watching too much “Super Powers Team.”

  4. Is it me or do all the costumes seem to be made from metal plates? Also who is the girl in the left side in blue? I know Mera is on the right but I have no idea who the girl with jewel crown is.

    • Thanks. The extra head-piece and neck stuff threw me off. If they keep her powers on the level shown in “Brightest Day” then it would make sense to have her in the League, especially if the other long-time JLA spouse (Hawkwoman) is one of the few folks to go back to being dead.

  5. I’m hoping all this stuff kinda “normalizes” like all the other “bold redesigns” have in the past. Smooth out the edges. Get rid of the extreme crap.

    Come on…the whole point is that Supes doesn’t NEED armor and Bats’ armor should be invisible, or close to it.

    And I always liked the gold in Wondy.

    • At least it makes sense that Aquaman’s costume doesn’t have “sections” beacuse that would cause friction when swimming.

      I’m digging the fishnet inserts in Diana’s leggings. But then again, I’m kinda weird that way.

  6. Already bitchin and the issue isn’t even out. Manhunter has been in and out for years. Cyborg makes sense in this day and age of computers. More so than a guy that can do the same thing as the rest except for mind powers, but Aquaman has some of them as does GL with the ring of course.

  7. I prefer the silver on WW’s costume cause its more understated.

    Could the woman on the left be a Star Sapphire costume change?

    Also, is Batman wearing a codpiece?

    • Yep, and he has been since his return (see the cover of the first issue of “Batman, Inc.”). Having done tactical ops and fighty-fighty stuff myself for over two decades, I’d say that having some protection for the meat and two vegs would be like the American Express card. I wouldn’t leave home without it. Guys like The Joker and Clayface wouldn’t shy from a well-placed shot to the old wedding tackle.

      • And Bats has built in reinforced knuckles, too. Another thing that seems like a “no brainer” in terms of walking around and fighting people.

        What kinda tactical ops did you do Taz?

  8. ~wyntermute~ on

    Am I on crack, because that looks less like “Clark Kent” to me and more like “Mon-El/Connor”… If that’s actually what’s going on, maybe the ‘superarmor’ makes sense? (remember, I’m pretty wild-guessy here..)

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