According to the Hollywood Reporter, a sequel to the Green Lantern movie is still in the works.  The film, which only grossed $18.5 million this past weekend, cost Warner Bros. $200 million to produce, but the studio still believes in the franchise.

For those who listened to the Major Spoilers Podcast where we talked about the movie, know we thought it was pretty swell, and I for one wouldn’t mind seeing a sequel where Sinestro becomes the big bad.

What about you?  Would you go see a second Green Lantern installment?

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  1. I didn’t love the GL movie, perhaps let the reviews get to me too much, even though I’m a big fan of the comics. However; I would run to the theatre to see Hal and Sinestro battle it out for a whole movie. One of my favorite scens from this movie was the Sinestro/Hal fight on Oa.

  2. I like the GL comic, but I will wait for the reboot. Oh and I prefer the animations version of GL, I wish that animation movies could still be made for the big screen.

  3. I reread the original Hal Jordan Green Lantern origin story recently, and you can see the problem with the movie in that issue. The green lantern is a great hero, powerful, interesting, complex, but in order to get there you have to establish the concept, and the concept is, for lack of a better word, very alien. The comic itself struggle to tell that story, with multiple flashbacks and expositional dialogue, and it was easier on them because they were working in a universe where there was a guy from outer space and a dude fighting crime dressed as a bat, already established. The movie was working in a reproduction of our world where there are no aliens or costumed adventurers.

    Entire movies are centered around discovering alien races for the first time, entire movies (even trilogies)are made about learning to use “magic” objects, entire movies are made about people learning to be heroes (going through boot camp) and entire movies are made about adult men overcoming perpetual adolescence, but this movie did all four in two hours. In the lantern scene, where he takes the oath for the first time, you could see the movie struggling to take the material seriously, because it has to establish so many fantastic ideas, and the audience has so little time to get used to it.

    But I guess the encouraging thing is that I felt the same way about Batman Begins. Once all the exposition was taken care of in the first movie, the second movie was free to really dig into the hero just being a hero.

    So I liked it but I expect the sequel to be better.

  4. Put a yellow ring on Sinestro and I’m there with my popcorn in hand. I will probably still get the DVD of the first movie.

  5. I absolutely LOVED the movie… I just think that Blake Lively may be to Green Lantern what Katie Holmes was to Batman Begins… If WB wants to continue using her as Carol Ferris, I would recommend some type of acting lessons… Maybe a refresher course or something… My friend noted that there was no chemistry between Lively and Reynolds… And that essentially her acting came up flat… I don’t have any personal vendetta against the girl, but I think something needs to change if they’re going to keep her in the movie… And WB… Quit hiring girls from the WB/CW for female leads in super-hero movies… It doesn’t appear to work too well… Just sayin’!!

  6. I couldnt care less about who the big baddie is. put Blake Lively in the Star Sapphire costume and Ill be there opening night.

    • Lively has already stated her concern over the current costume (and it’s showing of skin)… So if she doesn’t pull a Katie Holmes on us and get replaced, expect the Silver Age costume to be used…

  7. A second movie is a must. However I will see it in 2-D. the 3-D effects in GL were to say the least distracting from the movie. Either use 3-D for every aspect of the movie or don’t use it. The backgrounds looked like paintings. Not looking forward to the Hobbit now it has gone 3-D.

  8. IKDKS raises a lot of good points and I agree with all of them. Unfortunately, nowadays no one wants to wait/cant wait for half a film to for character development and back story. Of course, every films MUST be about saving the world/universe, but maybe they bit off more than they should have, maybe work up to Parallax in the 2nd/3rd film?? First, becoming the man without fear, then Sinestro, then Parallax?? They always seem to overreach on the first film.

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