SDCC’11: Domo gets cute and nerdy for con exclusive


Dark Horse Comics is bringing Domo to the San Diego Comic-Con, and offering up an exclusive figure for fans.

The Comic-Con exclusive shows the fuzzy brown cave dweller embracing his inner geek, resulting in a one-of-a-kind Nerd Domo Qee figure. Only 1,200 of this unique Domo piece are being offered, with a limit of four per customer. Sales will be at the Dark Horse booth.

“We have supported Comic-Con for over twenty-five years,” Dark Horse product development head David Scroggy observed in a prepared statement, “and it thrills us to be creating a couple of genuinely special releases that contribute to the celebration while adding value for the convention. This is the greatest fan event, and since we are fans ourselves, we have pulled out all the stops!”

This is definitely a toy that fans will want to snag, not only for the fun factor, but because every Domo product I’ve seen is highly sought after, and the toys seem to fly off the shelves at every convention I’ve been to.

via Dark Horse Comics