Mini TARDIS keeps lawn gnomes company, does not travel through time


If you were hoping that someday you might be able to travel through time and space, you’re going to be waiting a while.  In the meantime, check out this quarter-scale replica of the TARDIS created for a yard in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

The outer posts are solid maple, the panels, rails and styles are poplar. The small trim around the windows and signs (Lexan sanded to diffuse light) are maple as well. There is a three light LED puck in the hip roof ceiling that back lights the interior. I matched the color with paint tint and brushed on the interior white and exterior blue and then applied urethane for durability. The top beacon light is actually a stainless steal drain pipe from a hardware store and there is a slot in the top to allow coinage to fall through.

Thanks for the heads up Mark!

via The Wood Whisperer