Scott Wegener appeared on last week’s Major Spoilers Podcast to talk up upcoming Atomic Robo projects.  While we fully expect the robot uprising to occur at some point, it did make us question if robots would take over the world.  Wegener was doodling around this week and whipped up a picture of Magnus: Robot Fighter taking on Atomic Robo, which seems like a good enough reason to create a Poll of the Week.


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  1. Magnus only fights Robots. Robo fights Extra Dimensional space gods, Nazi’s, a lunatic talking Dinosaur, walking pyramids, and other robots as well.

    Robo schools the man in the 60’s Go-Go dress. Very fashionable boots, Magnus.

    • Magnus only fights Robots. Robo fights Extra Dimensional space gods, Nazi’s, a lunatic talking Dinosaur, walking pyramids, and other robots as well.

      Exactly. Magnus specializes in fighting robots. Magnus isn’t a robot or a Nazi or a dinosaur or a pyramid or an Extra Dimentional space god. Therefore, Magnus will win because know how to beat Robo, but Robo doesn’t know how to fight him.

      Also, the Ranger can beat the Fighter as long as he has the Fighter’s race as his Favored Enemy. ;p

  2. OK so whats the set up is this thunder dome or are they just ramdomly meeting couse you know Robo carries guns of both the bullet and lighting varity and knows how to use them. i think robo would just pull an india jones on Magnus’ future-fu

  3. Obviously, a man who can punch robots and is still manly enough to wear a Star Trek miniskirt is also manly enough to take down Robo.


  4. Dr Atomic Robo Tesla has had 80+ years of science, fighting and science fighting. He’s gone toe to toe against Nazi Mecha’s, a disembodied brain (several times), a Sentai Esque Giant monster, Edison’s Ghost, The Shadow From Beyond Time and a Lizard Man that would make Dr Insano the bastion of sound logic.

    Magnus: Robot Puncher is from the Year 4000 and punches Robots. Indeed he has Superhuman Strength and Durability. But He is a Man. A Man can be stopped by Lightning, and Bullets.

    Robo wins via out smarting him.

  5. The Kilted Stranger on

    Magnus only wins if he destroys Robo, but Robo can succeed simply by NOT DYING. He’d make with the talky, Magnus would learn that their scuffle was a mistake, and then they’d team up and take out that Edison-robot with the bowler hat from “Deadly Art of Science”. Everyone wins, and the readership isn’t sure if the issue was canon or not because it’s never mentioned again… like Superman vs. Spider-Man, or Batman/Daredevil.

  6. Jeremie Dunlap on

    Gotta go with Robo on this one. All he needs to do is wait out Magnus until his book gets cancelled, license gets pulled, or the publishing company goes under.

  7. Come this is a no brainer! Atomic Robo was built by Tesla! Tesla! There is no way Magnus comes out on top. But I’ll tell you the real winner, The American People.

  8. litanyofthieves on

    I gave it to Robo since not only is he way tougher than the ‘bots Magnus fights, he’s also a SCIENCE HERO! (And yes, you have to capitalize it and say it in the FOR SCIENCE! voice, it’s mandated by Law of Awesome.)

    And really, with the Fightin’ Scientists of Tesladyne at his back, Robo could even take Batman down, even with preparation time. IT’S ON, NERDS!

  9. It’s been so long since I read Mangus: Robot Fighter (or was it Robot Biter?) that I barely remember anything about it except it was one of those exceptionally LAME comic book series that one could barely find issues of because nobody carried that company’s books. Magnus only fought mindless Kill-Bots, but Atomic Robo is highly intelligent and would be able to out muscle and outthink Magnus any day of the week.

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