DC RELAUNCH: Gotham circa 1800


I’ve been back and forth on Jonah Hex since its return some 68 issues ago, but I do know I’m excited to see what happens in All-Star Western #1 that features Hex arriving in Gotham City in the 1800s.

In ALL-STAR WESTERN #1, Jonah Hex is enlisted to help the Gotham Police Department solve the mystery of a vicious serial killer. “So much for Gotham being a one-horse town. Look at that dazzling city in the late 1800’s meticulously researched and brought to life by Moritat. Hex fans, you can relax. We’re not going to abandon seventy issues of dedication and love for the ugly bounty hunter,” co-writer Justin Gray told us.

Take the jump for another page from the Justin Gray/Jimmy Palmiotti book, featuring art by Moritat.

via The Source and iFanBoy