Top 300 Comics for May 2011


The month of may looked grim once again, with no single issue selling above 100,000 in the direct market.  This puts May down 14.3% from this time last year, but only 2.66% down from the number of issues sold compared to last month. On the plus side, graphic novel sales in the direct market were up nearly 5% from the month before.

Fear Itself #2 took the top spot, beating Flashpoint #1, both $3.99 comics – though it should be pointed out that Fear Itself #2 did have an additional week on the shelf compared to Flashpoint #1.    Marvel did take six of the top ten comics for the month, which means, once again, no other publisher besides the top two cracked the Top Ten.  The closest was Image Comics’ The Walking Dead #85, which came in at the very bottom of the Top 40.  Dark Horse Comics, Image Comics, and IDW Publishing rounded out the Top Five publishers for the month when it comes to the Dollar Share perspective, but if you look at the total number of units sold, the ranking would be Marvel, DC, Image, IDW Publishing, and then Dark Horse.

Take the jump for the complete list of the Top 300 Comics sold in the direct market for May 2011, and remember our table is sortable and searchable, so you can run your own analysis.