Green Lantern Review

In this issue: The Critical Hit Crew were at Nerdtacular 2011 and had a chance to see the Green Lantern movie.


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  1. I probably should have waited until after I saw the movie to listen to this, but I needed my MSP fix, I am a junky after all.

    There is no excuse why on Gods green earth CCH Pounder wasn’t used as Amanda Waller. She IS Amanda Waller.

  2. Hey Guys, nice impromptu show! I enjoyed your GL review. I have been hearing quite a bit of the crossfire of critical disapproval for the debut of GL on the silver screen. As one who works in the world of animation, I am more than a bit familiar with the slings and arrows of critical and nerd rage alike…but at the end of the day my review of the GL film is easy to sum up:

    My eight year old son, who had only a passing awareness of the property, just saw the film with me. On the short trip home he told me he wanted to be a Green Lantern and he nodded off to sleep wearing with his nerdy dad’s GL ring. So in the words of the Immortal Rodrigo: “…and he liked it!”

    Were I one of the execs responsible for the future of GL and his ilk, I would be happier if a passel of eight year olds were stoked than a passel of old school (ie, middle aged) GL devotees. More shelf life for the property with those eight year olds. That being said, I AM ones of those old school devotees….and I thought it was cool enough. It was an intro movie. I would be very excited to see what comes were there a sequel and no need to restate the basics. I am never a big fan of Origin films, but I realize that most folks know nothing about the GL corps so what can you do?

    Me, I give it 3.5 slices of meatloaf.

  3. THANK YOU! My friends and I felt Green Lantern had gotten the crap kicked out of it by the critics and media. Friday night I got the chance to check it out and 20 minutes into the movie, I realized I was grinning from ear to ear. I had a great time watching this movie. Could they have done things differently? Sure, they could have done a story similar to First Flight if they wanted, but that’s already been done. The movie was fun and reminded me of a cross between The Rocketeer, Last Starfighter with some Star Wars sprinkled in for good mix. Better than I expected and I felt that Ryan Reynolds owned it as Hal Jordan, which is the biggest sticking point of the movie. I was worried that he would ham it up or be typical Ryan Reynolds, but half way through the movie I caught myself actually saying “holy crap… that’s Hal Jordan!” Great fun and I plan to see it again before it leaves theaters, definitely buying it when it comes out on DVD. Thank you for not being like everyone else and actually ENJOYING it!

  4. I did think that the scene where Hal as GL comes flying down to Carol Ferris’s office reminded me a lot of Superman (the original) up until the point where she recognizes him which was a great bit that I was actually about to say something to my wife like “really, she can’t tell it him?” and I audibly said something after she figured it out. It’s the thing with Superman that always bugged me and I’m glad they had her figure it out.

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