TOP TEN: Fictional Fathers


Everyone has a Dad, whether you knew him or not. Even if he rocketed you from a dying planet, or built you in a lab, one exists. As Father’s Day approaches take a look back at the Top Ten Father’s that only existed upon the page, and screen. Take the jump to see who makes the list.

#10 – Dr. Walter Bishop

Father of Peter Bishop. In the super science world of “Fringe”, Walter Bishop watched his son die, and when using a window into a alternate Earth watched as that world’s Peter was about to die too, Walter acted. Because of the love, and loss of one son, Walter ripped a whole in the fabric of space-time in order to save this other world’s Peter.  Combined with the universal tears on this alternate Earth, this led to a Multiversal Cold War. Nothing says “I love you son”, like war.

#9 – George Francisco

Father of Emily, and Buck. The Newcomers, alien slaves stranded on Earth, were bread to be hard workers, but they were not machines, that had families. Just like any family, the Francisco’s have their problems; a rebellious teenage son, for one, and a daughter who is picked on in school for being different, but what made George so special besides being a Police Detective, is his ability to rationally deal with his families internal struggles in a very human way.

#8 – Nikola Tesla

Built Atomic Robo. Atomic Robo isn’t just your average action science robot, he is the son of the world’s greatest inventor, Nikola Tesla. Though artificial, Nikola raised Robo as if he were not a machine, growing to “maturity”, but a real boy.  Robo learned to fear, and respect his father. Eventually Robo carried on with his father’s name, and company into the 21st century, making sure his legacy was one of glorious Action Science!

#7 – Professor Trevor Bruttenholm

Adoptive father of Hellboy. While on a mission to stop a secret Nazi plot to summon a demon to our world, Bruttenholm becomes the caregiver for said demon. Hellboy was raised as if he were human, eventually he would become the world’s greatest paranormal investigator. Under his father’s guidance Hellboy was able to grow to become a good man, and not be held back by his looks, or origins.

#6 – Henry Jones Sr.

The father of Henry “Indiana” Jones Jr. Portrayed by Sean Connery in “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade”, he was a stern, and sometimes distant father that was obsessed with the Holy Grail. Which made him a prime target for Nazi’s in their pursuit for the Cup of Christ, which would grant them immortality. Though junior and senior bickered like no one’s business, in the end they realized that they would be there for one another, especially when Sr. is gut shot by a Nazi.

#5 – James

The father of the Lone Wanderer. No matter what color or race you make for yourself in Fallout 3, James is your Father. He teaches you how to shoot Rad Roaches, and to run away from responsibilities, only when it’s for a greater cause. Without James, there would be no spine for the story of Fallout 3, and his grand goal of purifying the water within the DC Wasteland would never come to fruition. So whether your were a Daddy’s Boy/Girl, or the a rebellious punk, James died in order to keep the Project Purity out of the evil hands of the Enclave’s Colonel August. You’re welcome.

#4 – Bruce Wayne

The adoptive father of Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, Tim Drake, and paternal father of Damian Wayne. Bruce, having lost his own parents to crime, had grown accustom to “picking up strays”, guiding them to fight crime, and be forces of good. Bruce was able to take these broken children under his wing, and teach them to be strong, courageous, and productive members of society. Save for Jason’s penchant for shooting people, and Damian’s homicidal proclivities.

#3 – Bob Parr/Mr. Incredible

Father of Dash, Violet, and Jack-Jack. Once the greatest hero of Metro City, Bob is now the father of three children, and they are a handful. If it’s not Dash’s high-speed antics, or Violet’s self conscious emo withdrawl, it’s the two of them going at it like cat’s and dog’s. Though Jack-Jack is a handful for everyone but his kin, that is but a brief respite, when you have to deal with rambunctious super powered children.

#2 – Ben Parker

Though a Uncle, Ben was a surrogate father for Peter Parker a.k.a. Spider-Man. Raising his deceased brother and sister in-law’s child along with his wife May, Ben was there to mentor a young Peter, guiding him towards the scientific fields, and allowing him to embrace them without backing down. Ben also taught Peter to own up to his actions, to not blame someone else when he could have stopped it from happening. Ben engrained within Peter, “With Great Power, Comes Great Responsibility”.

#1 – Jonathan Kent

The adoptive father of the baby Kal-El a.k.a. Clark Kent a.k.a. Superman. Along with his wife, Jonathan raised the alien child as his own. As Clark grew, Jonathan guided him to do what was right, to not use his powers for greed, or malice – to help those who couldn’t help themselves. Clark used Jonathan as a moral guide stone, allowing his father’s teachings to point him in the right direction.