Major Spoilers Podcast 311

This week on the show: Movie studios avoiding Comic Con, The Major Spoilers Crew chats with listeners regarding the DC Relaunch, and Scott Wegener of Atomic Robo fame drops in for a quick hello.


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Major Studios not attending convention?

Red Robin #24
Art and cover by MARCUS TO and RAY MCCARTHY
To survive the Assassination Tournament, Red Robin must survive an attack from Scarab’s Covenant of Ka, make it to Russia in time to rescue a critically injured oligarch, track the mercenary Promise and come to an unexpected confrontation with the mysterious sister of Ra’s al Ghul!

Rating: ★★★☆☆

Witch Doctor #1
It’s a sick world — literally. The universe is a living thing, and the monsters of legend are its parasites. Earth’s immune system — humanity — has been at war with supernature for all of history. But to fight a disease, you don’t need soldiers. You need doctors.
Doctors like Vincent Morrow, excommunicated from the medical community and headhunted into an exciting new career in the black arts. Morrow serves the world with both hands — one in magic, one in medicine — as earth’s protector. Earth’s Witch Doctor.
It’s a sick world — he’s here to treat it.

Rating: ★★★½☆

Crysis # 1 (of 6)
Richard K. Morgan (w) • Peter Bergting (a & c)
From the lead writer of the Crysis 2 video game!Set in the world of the award-winning Crysis games comes the newest hit series from EA Comics!
Earth, 2020. United States Special Forces Major Laurence “Prophet” Barnes and the soldiers of Raptor Team thought their deployment on the Lingshan islands was a basic covert op against North Korean forces.  But they couldn’t be more wrong. What archaeologists awakened on the island had lain buried for millions of years, and was utterly hostile to human life.  Now an alien race are stirring, first contact has turned into humanity’s worst nightmare, and Prophet’s squad are the last remaining survivors.  Only one real question remains – can Prophet get his people off Lingshan alive, and back to civilization in time to warn the rest of the human race what’s on its way.

Rating: ★★☆☆☆

Back in the 1985, the Coca-Cola company made the decision to change its secret formula and unleash New Coke upon the world.  That decision backfired, but fortunately, the company was prepared with Coke Classic, which has continued as the company’s most popular drink.
This week, we want to know are you a New Coke, or Coke Classic fan?
Coke Classic
New Coke
Hey, You can’t fool us, we know you’re making a reference to DC’s Relaunch news!
Okay, you got us…
[poll id=”187″]


DC Relaunch Live!
We’re making a change to the Major Spoilers Podcast this week. Instead of a regular show, we will be doing a live show, featuring your call ins!

DC Comics has released the complete solicitations for September that features all of the new issues coming from the company. Here is your chance to call in and talk with us about the changes.

We’ll also have other topics for discussion, as well as an open line time that you can call in to talk about anything and everything.

Contact us at

Call the Major Spoilers Hotline at (785) 727-1939.

A big Thank You goes out to everyone who downloads, subscribes, listens, and supports this show. We really appreciate you taking the time to listen to our ramblings each week. Tell your friends about the podcast, get them to subscribe and, be sure to visit the Major Spoilers site and forums.


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  1. The reason Red Robin’s story sound so familiar is that the Asian girl is also one of Rhas’ daughter, Rhas wants an heir to replace Damian he judges to be a failure. Seen how Drake destroyed a large portion of the League of Assassins and then managed to stop him from killing the people close to him he deems him a worthy father to his grandson.

  2. You guys started off talking about reasons why Conventions aren’t as big a deal anymore. I think you guys have actually touched on the real reason in previous issues of Major Spoilers, and I’ve heard the same thing from dozens of other podcasters across the internet.

    You get more out of a Convention by NOT going, than by going. I never heard this before 2011, but now I hear it all the time. Conventions are so big and bulky, and social media is so much more instant. Conventions just waste people’s time by having them stand in lineups, mess around with schedules and registration, not to mention the time and expense of travel.

    That’s not to say I’m anti-convention. I’m helping to organize our very own gaming convention in Prince George, British Columbia. But I can’t afford to go to the big conventions in the States. At best, I can go to Vancouver, if my work schedule permits. I much prefer the more local conventions, the ones that are more about meeting the gamers than the big companies, big names, and big marketing campaigns.

    Another “not that I’m against”, but it’s true: I’m not against big companies and big marketing campaigns. I just think the days when these things were best done at conventions are over. The way to do it is social media. Market directly to the geeks in their basements and bedrooms.

  3. I’m sorry but I think the excuse of not picking up comics cause of high numbering is LAME. That guy Sam who’s been a Marvel guy all his life, is he saying he started at issue #1? Probably not. Anyone who wants to get into comics (DC or Marvel) just needs to look before they leap.

  4. I cannot believe that people like that Action Comics cover! It’s by far the worst cover there!

    That is not a Superman pose. It’s so stiff! It’s boring. There is no detail. Is he going to try and drop that rock on a Road Runner? Why should I care about anything I see there?

    To give a little credit, the inking is ok and the coloring is pretty good (which might be fooling some people), but come on… Action Comics deserves better.

    But whoever penciled it, here this might help you:

  5. I remember an article in my local newspaper about the fact that the moviestars don’t really like going to comiccon. The article pointed out that these stars are used to do promotion with journalists/ professionals and that they normaly don’t have to pose for pictures with fans or be in panels where fans/ non professionals can ask questions. That might also contribute to the fact that some of these compagnies do not show up this year.

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