Now here is a guy that has some mighty massive iron balls.  They’re so big he has to wear an Iron Man Mk I costume he made himself to work.  Actually, he didn’t HAVE to wear the costume to work, and I’m sure his bosses have changed their mind about the Casual Cosplay Thursday policy. But when you think about it, the guy who built this works at a Chinese telecom company, and I’m sure all that extra stuff prevented a few dropped calls that day.

Wang Kang spend three months and $450 to make the costume that weighs just over 110 pounds.

But Wang said the effort had been well worth it – with his costume drawing praise from his bosses and compliments from women.

He claimed some had even ‘fallen in love’ with him because of it.

There you go! Confirmation that if you cosplay ladies will fall in love with you. PROVEN. FACT.

via Mail Online


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  1. Ok, so we have Iron Man mk1, now we need another coworker to show up as Atomic Robo, and then have those two duke it out.

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