On the Next Major Spoilers Podcast – LIVE SHOW – DC RELAUNCH


We’re making a change to the Major Spoilers Podcast this week.  Instead of a regular show, we will be doing a live show, featuring your call ins!

DC Comics has released the complete solicitations for September that features all of the new issues coming from the company.  Here is your chance to call in and talk with us about the changes.

We’ll also have other topics for discussion, as well as an open line time that you can call in to talk about anything and everything.

The show will stream live on Ustream, and we will have the show embedded on the front page of the site.  You’ll be able to call the Major Spoilers Hotline at (785) 727-1939.  We expect to start the stream around 8:30 PM (CDT) with the actual show beginning sometime soon after.

We hope you can join us, and we hope you enjoy the show.