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Warning: Pregnant women, the elderly, and children under 10 should avoid prolonged exposure to the Robot Overlord. Robot Overlord may suddenly accelerate to dangerous speeds. The Robot Overlord contains a liquid core, which if exposed due to rupture, should not be touched, inhaled, or looked at. If Robot Overlord begins to smoke, get away immediately. Seek shelter and cover head. Do not taunt the Robot Overlord.


  1. In hindsight I didn’t really care for Civil War, and though I picked up Prelude to Schism X-Men book, I don’t have high hopes for this event, where “Nothing will ever be the same…again!”

  2. I’m with Larry. When I feel think about it, I really don’t like when publishers write events for the express purpose of splitting up the Marvel Universe/Justice League/X-Men. It’s something that should happen naturally instead of being forced.

    Still, I am curious why Axel means about next summer.


    We try and outdue what DC just did, cause they’re getting a lot of media coverage, and we want that, not them, and besides, we’re way cooler and we’ve got Wolverine and Deadpool and all sorts of awesome, pulse pounding-

    W-wait, where are you going?

    Put that Oni book down.

    Come back!


    Hey Look, it’s Johnny Storm!


  4. Logan throws scott a viscious beating, scott leaves the team and starts the new hellfire club with the white queen, where he becomes a magneto-esque villain, thus ending the “same exact time as fear itself”. you heard it here first…

  5. Mike Loiselle on

    Bring back Jean Grey, no phoenix powers and quit killing her and her offspring off. Nate Grey, Rachel Summers.

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