DC has released more information on the other number one issues that arrive in September.  For those of you who were anxiously waiting news on Tim Drake Wayne, of want to see how on the nose our most recent discussion on Legion Lost was, take the jump!  Oh… and ROB LIEFELD!

Writer: Fabian Nicieza
Artist: Pete Woods

Seven heroes from the 31st century have traveled back to the present day. Their mission: Save their future from total annihilation. When the future tech they brought with them fails, they find themselves trapped in a nightmarish world and an ultimate struggle to survive.

Writer: Paul Levitz
Artist: Francis Portela

In the 31st century, the Legion of Superheroes is reeling from the loss of seven of their finest — and trying desperately to keep their youngest recruits alive against a series of terrible new threats.

Writer: Scott Lobdell
Artist: Brett Booth and Norm Rapmund

Tim Drake is forced to step out from behind his keyboard when an international organization seeks to capture or kill super-powered teenagers. As Red Robin, he must team up with the mysterious and belligerent powerhouse thief known as Wonder Girl and a hyperactive speedster calling himself Kid Flash

Writer: John Rozum and Scott McDaniel
Artist: Scott McDaniel and Jonathan Glapion

Virgil Hawkins has been gifted with incredible electrical powers. Adopting the persona of Static, he faces super-powered street gangs, raging hormones, homework, and girls

Writer: Sterling Gates
Artist: Rob Liefeld

It’s up to the living avatars of war and peace to root out the hidden forces who look to plunge the country into a deadly civil war.

I have a feeling the comment section below will be filled with more negative comments than positive.  But once again, keep in mind, the one line solicitation and cover art don’t tell us everything that is going on.

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  1. Michael Mojica-Brito on

    OK let get this straight Im happy to see my Legion question answered, Teen Titans cool rendition to Tim as Red Robin, Wonder Girl a thief? Ok Connor with a Dark Angel style Shield tattoo that’s quite exciting. Legion Lost has my expectations going quite high.

  2. Let me just say first that I’m glad they put the band back together for the Titans. It’s good to see Tim, Connor, Cassie, and Bart back together. But WTF did they do to their costumes?!? Cassie looks like she got Donna’s old outfit, Tim looks like he went to the 616 universe and stole Falcon’s old suit, and Connor….sleeveless, are you kidding me. He looks like a douche. Sleeveless shirt and gloves and a S-Shield tattoo. Come on! And does he have a cape that’s taped on?

    Bart looks like he travel back in time to the 90’s and stole a costume from the Image Universe.

    The Titans looks bad. But yea for Static!

    • litanyofthieves on

      I actually really like Tim’s new costume. Frankly the less said about the old Dr. Midni- I mean, Red Robin costume, the better. The rest of them I can take or leave, especially Wonder Girl’s. They do definitely scream Image in the 90s. Who the heck is the Spider-Witchblade lady?

      But I will definitely be picking up Teen Titans and Static Shock, and maybe there’s something to this whole Legion thing after all….

  3. How many times has DC relaunched some of these over the years? Hawk and Dove? Static Shock?

    Doomed to Fail #1 coming this September.

  4. Red Robin lost the cowl, which was by far the dorkies part of that costume.

    I don’t think there are any shelf fillers, the half the reason they ‘re doing this reboot is to push the online strategy. If you print a comic and it doesn’t sell it’s a net loss, if you publish a web comic and it doesn’t sell, what have you lost, some ink, and few photons. I think they’re pushing for as much intellectual property as they can get their hands on.

    This new marketing strategy has the potential to really open up the market creatively. If print comics are being subsidized by web comics, maybe the industry will take bigger risks on new artists and untested story concepts.

  5. Allen2saint on

    Wow…if Jim Lee is responsible for the Titans costumes someone needs to revoke his “Ultimate Perfect Comic Artist” license. Horribly over he top.

    • brainypirate on

      Apparently not–he said today that those costumes are mostly Booth’s designs…. Though Lee did sign off on them…

  6. OttawaJanus on

    Those costumes for the Teen Titans are bad. Sure, they got rid of Red Robin’s bondage mask but WTF is up with the wings? And if you took those wings off, how different is that from Nightwing’s new look, aside from a bit more red than black? I echo the comment that Conner looks like a douche in that outfit.

    • Yeah, come on, give Conner a little half-jacket and maybe a rat tail, or at least some smokes rolled up in a sleep or something. lol, he’s looking great!

  7. litanyofthieves on

    Just noticed this – I really like the fact that they’re using the Legion Lost origin as a storyline for the Legion book. I might have to pick them both up.

  8. I’m going to have to be the one that’s on the “positive” side (for once) on the Teen Titans. With the exception of Superboy I like the look. However, the way it’s written it almost looks like Tim Drake wasn’t Robin and THAT would be in-freakin’-excusable considering the fact that he was the best Robin ever, hands down. A lasso made out of barbed wire? Having had more experience with barbed wire (not the comic, the stuff you use in fences) than I care to think about I can only say that would HURT and I’d tell you the truth, magic or not. I’m not thrilled about the obvious redux of Cassie, although her origin has changed as many times as Donna Troy’s. The art for that book is very X-men looking, especially the chick with the extra arms crawling on the rocks like a spider. I’m on the “like” side of the new Tim Drake costume. It’s about time Robin had real wings.

    Hawk and Dove, I like. Glad someone finally dumped Hawk having the white inserts in his costume.

    Static Shock? Yeah!

    Legion Lost? Interesting. Regular Legion art? Not so much.

  9. I was looking forward to a new Hawk and Dove series…
    I guess I can tough it out a few issues until DC hires a new artist out of frustration.

    • Yes, but how long will it take for those few issues to make it out? I knew that it was Liefeld before ever reading the tagline. Man that guy hasn’t gotten any better with age! (but at least he attempted to draw some feet and didn’t hide them behind anything)

  10. Legion Lost & LSH: I like the sound of them. VERY happy that Levitz is staying on.

    Teen Titans. I’m gonna give it a shot, but it does hit me as iffy.

    Hawk & Dove: Why? And why in the name of all that’s is good and sacred must Rob Liefeld be allowed back? The costume’s will change panel to panel for Gawd’s sake!

    Not much feeling about Static Shock one way or the other, though I do like McDaniel.

    Is Stepahnie Brown (and Cassandra Cain, though I think she’s been MIA for awhile) the only BatFamily person left to account for?

        • Didio did say in the interview which can be found on Newsarama, I believe, that all the Robins would have a feature book and this (the Titans book) would be Tim… As Steph was a Robin, I would have to assume they’re making some book for her? Possibly A Spoiler series (hell, with some of the titles announced, one would expect something as lame as The Rainbow Raider to get a book (Crap… I probably just gave them an idea…)).

  11. I agree with everyone on Wonder Girl – jeans and a T-Shirt looked a lot better. I like the old Superboy better, but I don’t mind this look – I like the white mantle on the back. Kid Flash looks awesome.

    As for Red Robin . . . I just don’t know. My first response was get rid of the wings, but now I realize if you do that, you’re left with a 90’s character with a lot of pockets and bandoliers. So . . . we’ll see.

    Curious who else is in the photo. The smoke girl in the background conceptually reminds me of “The Secret” from Peter David’s Young Justice run.

    • I’m kind of on the fence as well with Robin’s look… While I understand it looks more like the bird, the Robin character is named Robin after Robin Hood… I don’t see the functionality if Tim doesn’t fly either… The rest of the costumes looks like they all went to a thrift store and threw a bunch of random clothes together… A fashion designer Jim Lee is not, I guess… Hopefully they can be altered quickly, and some of the more bizarre changes reversed…

      • I thought Robin looked a little like a mixture of Darkhawk and Night Thrasher, but definitely got the whole old Falcon costume there too.

    • MsNothingSpecial on

      I heard elsewhere that the smokey character in the background is Starfire’s new look…wouldnt know how much to trust that tho honestly

  12. Okay, we got some Legion! AND a Static ongoing! This is the stuff I was waiting for.

    The concept of Legion Lost has been done (it was one aspect of the Archie Legion that I liked… to a point), but I like the creative team. Woods has great art and FabNic is a solid writer with a good team-book record. I’m not sure about the main Legion title, although I am glad to see Dragonwing gets to be in the main book; her attitude problem & odd powers are the best part of Levitz’s current run. And that cover reminds me of some artist who did some Comico stuff in the 80s, but I have no idea what his/her name was.

    I’m not entirely sold on Teen Titans (that cover… ugh…), but if it’s the same part of Lobdell’s brain that did GenX back in the day doing this title, I’ll give it a shot. Although Brett Booth as artist is worrysome. And while I understand why they’re getting Liefeld to do Hawk & Dove, I’m with everyone who thinks it just won’t work.

  13. The Legion Lost title reminds me of what was done back in 1996 with the Post Zero Hour Reboot team. I liked those stories alot, particularly the Final Night stuff. Gates was there too! Its not original, but I will be checking it out for sure anyways. I am actually excited. I like Fabian Nicieza’s work, and it seems like a great way to focus on some characters that would not have got the attention otherwise like Yera, Tyroc and Tellus.

    The LoSH is Levitz on Legion.. I don’t have any good excuse not to pick it up since I read the current title anyways. Also, looks like there is a spoiler on the cover! Dragonwing from the Academy makes the team!?

    Teen Titans looks terrible. A mysterious and belligerent powerhouse thief known as Wonder Girl? And what the hell is going on with those costumes?

  14. 13 left…
    No Superman or Justice Society yet.
    Starting to worry about Zatanna, Power Girl, Secret Six, Xombi…
    …and after Brightest Day I was expecting the Martian Manhunter somewhere.

    • Martian Manhunter’s in a book somewhere. I’ve seen him. It seems like he was with Midnighter and Apollo or somesuch.

  15. Are we sure DC isn’t participating in Fear Itself, because that Teen Titans information sure seems like my worst fears realized…

    • My first thought was, let’s just kill the four characters if you’re going to change them THAT drastically and make them essentially new characters… Just sayin’!!

  16. I’m glad that the Legion seems mostly untouched. And the new Legion Lost series could be cool.

    The fact that the main Legion title talks about keeping its “youngest recruits” alive implies that the Legion is going to be taking on a bunch of new members – that doesn’t bode well for me…

    The Titans cover looks good – I seem to be in the minority but I like the costumes. The techno-dark creature as well as the girl crawling on the ground both look like they could be interesting additions.

    Not won over by Static Shock, but then a it’s talking about raging hormones and girls, it’s obviously aimed at a younger audience.

    As for Rob L on Hawk & Dove, I’ll be a staying a M I L E away from that one…

    • If the Legion’s younger recruits are the kids from the Adventure Comics’ Legion Academy, I won’t mind; Levitz’s work with them has been very good, better than in the mother book, and they’ve been fairly interesting. If it’s some new guys we’ve never met, then I’m worried. Having Dragonwing on the cover gives me some optimism I’ll be seeing her & her classmates get more play instead of a whole new set of characters.

      And I liked the otherworldly look of the two new Titans (if they are new) as well. They have some potential just because they seem so new & without the established characters’ expectations. And I’m a crazy Static fangirl & like the costume redesign, so I’m on board with more of Virgil’s adventures even if it does skew younger (and who said that’s a bad thing?).

  17. justanothergeek on

    I’m less worried abot the Legion books now, starting to like how they are going right now, so this is something.
    Taking the image alone, it looks like Teen Titans is going to suck, but then again Titans books have been sucking for most of the last decade so nothing new here, yet they are losing a golden oportunity to capitalize on the new Young Justice show.

  18. Professor Why on

    Love how the comment section is closed on the DC Source forum regarding these comics, probably in advance of the screaming that’d be done over having Liefeld doing “artwork” for them again… Also thought the art was fugly enough on the Teen Titans cover that it might be his as well, kept looking at it to find his signature…

  19. Okay:

    * Where are Matthew’s comments? Someone mentioned the Legion so he should be here.

    * I can get behind all the costumes except for Connor’s, who looks more emo than douche to me. Doesn’t mean the story won’t be good though. Static doesn’t move me much either (especially the hexagon board) but again the interior could be different.

    * Love Hawk & Dove. Hope Rob doesn’t turn Hawk into Red Captain America.

    * Still in the Temporal Graveyard: Misfit, Huntress, JSA, Secret Six, Power Girl, Supergirl, Stephanie Brown.

  20. *Legion Lost might be okay, only reason why, is that it’s not Levitz writing it.

    *As for the Teen Titans, those are some of hte worst costume designs I have ever seen. Really. It looks like Connor’s supes logo was printed off of a inkjet printer that was running low. The taped on “S” symbol. The Kid Flash design is a complicated hot mess. And looks like Tim Drake pulled a “D-Man” and ripped off Sam Wilson’s Falcon costume. By the way, who the hell is that chick doing the “Whitesnake” Hood Crawl on the cover? A Witchblade clone?

    *All else is bad, and the only good book seems to be Static, which I will give a shot. He never really got a chance once DC got Virgil back, maybe this time will be diffrent.

  21. Oh good lord, those Teen Titans costumes are horrible. I’m embarrassed to even look at Tim. Those poor souls.

  22. I really like the Red Robin Redux.

    However I am very disapointed to see that Fabian Nicieza is no longer writing Tim Drake. As a matter of fact is he writing any of these new number 1’s? I haven’t seen him mentioned. That’s a shame. He’s the only reason I was picking up Red Robin at all.

    • He is writing Legion Lost, and I thought there was something else but I forget.

      Tim’s loss is the Legion’s gain. Niceiza has a history of writing some good team stuff. Thunderbolts was a favorite of mine in the past..

  23. The Titan costumes are horrible. I’m sure most of there origins will be close to what we all know. But was Tim ever a part of the Bat Family? From the statement provided, it doesn’t seem like it. And if that is true, it’s horrible. The relationship he had within the Bat-Fam was integral, and he was bad ass.

    Has anyone seen Wally yet? I’m getting really worried about Stephanie.

    • If every Robin is to have their own book per a statement made by Didio (should still be on Newsarama’s announcement of this), then Steph should be featured in a book as well… Since she was Robin for like 4 issues… ;^)

  24. I’m expecting a Scott Lobdell written Superboy title announced soon with the Superman titles…

    In a Newsarama interview about Red Hood and The Outlaws he started a response to a question saying…

    “Well, without slighting Teen Titans and Superboy, I think Red Hood and the Outlaws is the perfect book to relaunch in September… “

  25. Luis Dantas on

    Do the current leggionaries usually look so much like the New Mutants as in that Legion Lost cover?

    The story looks ok (if derivative – we had much the same thing during the Mullet Superman period, and even the name is recycled), but the visuals are disappointing.

    Also disappointing are the Titans’ visuals, or at least the art style. Those white and black girls look like Wildstorm rejects. As does Bart, in fact.

    Superboy looks like he has no home. Here is hoping for a revamp on his visuals sooner rather than later.

    Liefeld? Really?

  26. God that Titans cover is so bad and so busy it gives me a headache! Tim;s isn’t so bad (glad they lost the cowl) but I was really hoping they’d fix his name (Yummmm). Red Robin and BlackBad have to be some of the worst names in comics.
    Look! Up in the sky! It’s an Emo! It’s a Douche! It’s superboy! Blegh
    Wonder girl is way too busy and there’s no chance that costume will be drawn with consistency inside the book. And it took several views before I could see she was wearing a hood because it was so busy.
    Kid flash is also too busy. And witchblade looks 90s stupid.

    I’m excited about Hawk & Dove but the art will be horrible. Leifield has already managed to give Hawk a shrunken head.

  27. The more I look at that Teen Titans Cover the more intrigued I am ^_^

    For the most part I think the costumes look great. Love the bar code “S” tattoo but Conner could do without the paper “S” though. Love Wonder Girl’s costume, for once DC thinks outside the cliched Wonder Girl costume(s) box. Not so sure about Tim’s look though, I need to see it in action first.

    Kid Flash’s costume looks great (at least it’s different from the adult flash look…more than just a color swap. But it does have than 90’s Iron Man feel to it, but I can get over that.

    Curious as to who the new characters are…if they are new. And what is the fate of Solstice? She’s only a couple months old in the DCU hopefully they don’t forget her. She does help their divers character cause.

    • That’s kind of like choosing between being stabbed in the foot or the hand… Although I agree this one is better, the costumes still look bad… Sad thing is, before the Titans announcement I was getting more and more psyched for the new DCU (outside of Superman looking like Ultraman, Cyborg looking like someone threw up a bunch of computer parts, and the Flash’s stupid helmet look)…. Then I read the description of the comic and saw the costumes… Well… Yeah… They really dropped the ball on this one.

      • I though it was cool to see Legion mostly unchanged, and then I scrolled down and saw what became of the poor Teen Titans. I don’t think any of the new DC titles has got as much negative feedback as that one. I am glad and I hope the readers completely reject it.

        • I think the thing that is most bothersome is the way they’re completely detaching these characters from their mentors/previous history… Or at least how it’s reading… Unless somehow Cassie has been hypnotized the entire time she’s been a “thief,” then it appears that they’ve created brand new characters with old names… It’s like Coke Vs. New Coke here… They both have the same name (sorta) on the outside, but they are incredibly different on the outside… If you’re going to do THAT drastic of a change with them, then kill off Tim, Cassie, Bart, and Conner, and create new characters to fill these roles… Do the characters right, or don’t do them at all!!!!!!!!

  28. Wow…. Legion fan from Weber’s World. Reboots were ok, but real glad the originals were back. And now they are gone, for good. Nothing in the relaunch I want to buy. I am out of here.

    • Wow…. Legion fan from Weber’s World. Reboots were ok, but real glad the originals were back. And now they are gone, for good. Nothing in the relaunch I want to buy. I am out of here.

      I think you may be reading a LOT into this announcement.

  29. For all those wondering, I read in an interview with Gail Simone re: Barbara Gordon as Batgirl that she MIGHT be using Cass and Stephanie if they’re not being used any where… My guess, means she IS using them in the Batgirl book… So I would look for the 2 previous Batgirls in Batgirl at some point..

  30. Adan Rodriguez on

    Can DC get some approval from Chuck Dixon before they mess (up) with Tim and Stephanie?
    Tim becoming Red Robin (The older suit was fine. At least it didn’t have “feathers”) and the removal of Stephanie as Batgirl (Cass and Steph can be batgirls too. They earned the title.) is lame. I know writers may want to refresh items, but we were already following their growth. Now they just ended up wasting all of our time reading the older issues.


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