PHOTO PARADE: Heroes Convention Charlotte 2011



This past weekend, the 29th annual Heroes Convention was held in Charlotte, North Carolina. I was lucky enough to attend, and boy am I tired of hoofing it. When I was not jibber jabbering to comic creators, and getting off the elevator on the wrong floor.  I DID snap some pictures, so take the jump Spoilerites to see what you missed!

From the multitude of very kind comic creators, to the traveling tour of original animation cels from “AKIRA”, Heroes Con 2011 didn’t disappoint. The minor gripes I had were with the $5 cost of Neal Adams signature, along with the badly placed tables of Darwyn Cooke, and Ed McGuinness. But the 2012 show (its 30th Anniversary) seems to be really shaping up, with such guests as Mike Mignola (who cancelled this year), I think it can out do this years. Until next time folks.

See you in the back issue bins.