While it isn’t Batman and the Outsiders, Jason Todd will be joining a new team in Spetember with the release of Red Hood and the Outlaws #1.  The book is written by Scott Lobdell, with art by Madame Mirage artist, Kenneth Rocafort.

In it, Jason Todd finds himself as a leader of a team of antiheroes – including “Green Arrow’s rejected sidekick Arsenal and Starfire, a former prisoner of intergalactic war.”

So, Jason Todd and the Red Hood, huh? Seems he’s a popular enough character to get him out Arkham and into the heroing business again. Still no word on Red Robin and the fate of Batman, Inc.

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  1. ARSENAL’S A REDNECK!!! YEEEHAAW! Well who else wears a baseball cap, has ink and shoots bows (especially during deer season)?

    Apparently the relaunch includes doing away with Roy Harper’s severed arm. And other than getting to view another artist’s rendering of Kory’s boobs and rear-end it would be interesting to see if they nod to her and Dick Grayson’s romantic past considering she’s working with Jason Todd. And I’m sure Bruce isn’t trilled with a guy with guns wearing a bat logo.

  2. Interesting team-up. I’m glad they did away with the severed arm bit, but I’m not sure if I like Jason Todd as a hero as much as I like him as a villain and/or much darker anti-hero. Plus, I can’t help but think of Deadpool when I see this picture.

  3. I remember when Sand from the JSA started out with a ballcap. I actually liked that look he had. I am not sure about that look on Roy Harper, but in his case that is very very mild complaint. I am just glad he’s done with a the whole arm thing.

  4. If the reboot rids us of the AWFULNESS of what they’ve done to Red Arrow since Cry For Justice that’ll at least be one positive.

    BTW, what’s the over/under on Starfire and Red Arrow going at it. I predict they’ll already be involved.

  5. If the reboot rids us of the AWFULNESS of what they’ve done to Red Arrow since Cry For Justice that’ll at least be one positive.

    Seriously I approve of the reboot purely for that. However I would very much like for DC to have just made up their damn mind and gotten it over with already. Pick one thing and stay with it. That or ya know…give me an Ultimate DC universe like All Star was supposed to be.

  6. This I will be picking up. I really think it has a shot. I like Jason Todd/Red Hood, and I am glad to see that crappy Cry for Justice/Rise of Aresenal is getting swept under the rug a bit.

  7. Edit: And so is the trucker cap. Seriously, can’t we send these character redesigns back to 90’s Image for a refund?

  8. Did Jason still die? I think this is the big one. If the reboot negates Jason Todd’s death it undoes a pivotal moment from the DCU, you know like Barbara Gordon being crippled by the Joker. Oh wait….. If he did die, then maybe they can reboot his return. Because anything would be better than a Tom Welling-Prime punch to reality. (I brought it back!)

  9. heh God i loved Jason Todd. Adam whoever you are Jason did die but he got over it some years back, read up on him, read Batman annual 025 as he gives Bruce Wayne’s ultimate secret away to one of the clayfaces, watch as he kicks Tim Drake’s ass in one of the teen titans comics i’m not sure which.

    he’s been a busy boy since he came back and personally i think he’s the best damned member of the Batman family ever to rise to become his own man. loved his first Red Hood costume with black jeans, gray shirt, combat boots, red helmet, black leather jacket and crimson domino mask.

    enjoyed his Batman costume, kinda almost sorta like his second Red Hood costume… and i’m neutral on all of his others.

    heh personally i like him best as a dark haired psychopath, but who knows he could look good as a redhead… provided he’s cut up his hair a bit and gotten himself a shave.

    hmm Scarlet’s probably going to be on his team, heh so much red all in one place.

    you know whenever i hear the song Away, by Breaking Benjamin. i always think of Jason Todd, partly for the line “Return someday with red in your eyes.” hah… i’d really like to see Jason Todd kick Dick’s ass just once! i mean he recieved training not just from the bat man but also from the best trainers Talia Al Ghul’s money and power could buy! i mean sure he’s sure as hell improved his fighting skills from back when he was Robin, but come on!

    hmm hehahahahaah… i wonder if Constantine might find his way onto this team somehow? heh he could be their magical expert or something like that and if Jason’s looking to piss Bruce off that might be a good way to to do it, i mean seriously they don’t like each other.

    heh probably has something to do with Constantine knocking Alfred out, breaking into the Batmoblie with the Bat himself inside it and daring to take a puff inside it. hahahahahaah! oh lord i never laughed so hard as when i saw Constantine flying out of that car and Batty shouting out at him “NO SMOKING IN THE BATMOBILE!”

    yeah i could just see Jason’s team standing in a line in front of Batman and Constantine would maybe take a step up and let out a blow out a puff of smoke in Batman’s face hahah.. or Jason and Batman could be having an argument and he do the same thing at both of them to shut them up.

    heh anyway should be really interesting. shame its a monthly series though, shame any comic is a monthly series really, people don’t read as slow now as they did back then, i for instance can read most comic issues of nowadays in under 3 minutes, depending on time of day, type of mood, and how hot it is. i really don’t like the heat, i’ve always found cold to be more invigorating.

    heh yeah Dick Grayson is not going to be happy about his ex girlfriend hanging around Jason Todd… i wonder where their gonna be operating at? i think most of the cities are already taken up by the heroes aren’t they? maybe somewhere in California, but looking at this majestic cover and thinking of Jason Todd.. i’d think they’d probably be more at home at San Francisco.. which is of course taken up by Zatanna… hmm.

  10. I think it’s awesome that theyre all ginger lol awesomeness jason todd is my favourite character and when grant morrison said he wouldnt be getting his own book series again and will just be a villain ,well to be honest it sucked. Im so glad they got rid of his cape and dome ,i mean what was with that stupid helmet? He looked like a sex toy playing dress up!? . Im really looking forward to this and this new look ROCKS!!!!!. If anyone doesnt like it! Just move over and find somthing else!.

  11. Is that a crowbar I see near the bottom of the cover?

    I’m not as big a fan of DC as some people, so I won’t dispute their more educated opinions on the upcoming series. I really don’t know if it’ll be good or not. But let me just say: if the rest of the comic is as beautifully illustrated as the cover, at least the art will be gorgeous. Though why Roy is wearing a hillbilly baseball cap, or why Jason is wearing a red bat symbol (and from what I can tell, is sane) is beyond me.

  12. I’m excited about this. i like that red hood will be a hero or anti-hero any way. Id rather see him in a grey area than a irredeemable dark chracter. The cover looks beautiful. I hop i can get this series regulary. Whats the average price on comics?

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