DC Relaunch: Prepare for the one, true, Batman


DC Comics has announced the next round of number one issues, today featuring all things Batman.

And yes, Detective Comics is getting a new number one, and it doesn’t feature a racial stereotype on the cover….

Detective Comics #1
Writer/Artist: Tony Daniel

Marking the first time Batman will appear in a debut issue of Detective Comics, the series will find Bruce Wayne on the trail of a dangerous serial killer known only as the Gotham Ripper.

Batman #1
Writer: Scott Snyder
Artist: Greg Capullo

In the series, Bruce Wayne once again becomes the only character taking on the Batman name.

Batman: The Dark Knight
Writer/Artist: David Finch and Jay Fabok

A twisted adventure that pulls Bruce Wayne deep into the halls of the famed Arkham Asylum, a jail for Gotham City’s most dangerous and criminally deranged.

Batman and Robin #1
Writer: Peter Tomasi
Artis; Pat Gleason

will explore the family dynamic of the Caped Crusader as Bruce Wayne battles the Gotham underworld with the help of his son, Damian, in the role of Robin.

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