DC Comics has announced that Dick Grayson returns to his role as Nightwing in an all new number one issue by Kyle Higgins with art by Eddy Barrows.

Dick Grayson resumes his mantle as Nightwing! As Dick embraces his identity, Haley’s Circus, the big top where he once performed with his family, returns to Gotham – bringing with it a history of murder, mystery and superhuman evil. Nightwing must confront friends and enemies from his past as he searches for the source of an even greater evil.

Things are looking grim for Batman, Inc. wouldn’t you say?

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  1. I wish they kept the blue on his suit. With Jason Todd running around as Red Hood and the chance of Tim as Red Robin, there will be a lot of Red and Black running around in the Bat Family. Grant M must be happy.

    • And the red from the Batman Beyond suit looks similar too. I also would have liked it if they kept the Blue in the suit, but I don’t want them going back to be big disco collar and open plunging neckline down to his waist. lol

  2. Love the costume. However, the identity of the person in the bat-suit on the JLI cover is still not clear. Unless it’s another one of the “Batman, Inc.” survivors? Or the former Red Robin, Tim Drake?

    I’m with the likers of the costume and that he retains the gauntlet blades. And having red on the former Robins’ uniforms makes sense. I like the logo…not quite a robin, not quite a bat.

    • It’s probably Bruce Wayne using his “I can be everywhere” money-making power. At least that’s what my negativity telling me. My positive side says it could be Knight from Knight & Squire fame.

      No way in the 9 that it could be Tim. Too bulky.

      • My positive side says it could be Knight from Knight & Squire fame.

        Actually that would make a whole helluva lotta sense actually. It’d also be keeping with the international theme. Either that or the Batman of Japan got beefier?

  3. So do superheroes have the same stigmas about dressing alike for parties as women do? If so, it’s gonna be kinda awkward at the Multiverse Batman Inc. Christmas party when Terry shows up wearing almost the same thing. All the same, I like it.

  4. Well I am really disappointed. Dick is the one true example in character growth in modern comics. He is Bruce’s greatest achievement. It took him 40+ years to become his own person, even if he looked like a discoball. Then he took up the mantle of Batman, and made me really enjoy the character. Now that’s all gone. Out of protest, I will be sitting this issue out.

    • Yes nothing says “growth” like living under you mentor’s shadow ;-)
      I love the fact that he’s going to be Nightwing again, AKA his own man, not Batman’s “give cowl in case of death” guy.

        • Agreed. I thought he stepped out from under Batman by becoming Nightwing. I’m glad he’s back where he belongs.

      • @Ricco – Well once Bruce took a dirt nap/long strange temporal trip that shadow vanished for me. I thought ninja’s/bats liked the shadows? They would be a second home or something.

        Unlike Bruce, Dick wasn’t a dick, and that’s something that appealed to me. I wish Dick and Damian had a chance at few more years of being Batman & Robin, but I will not being taking a step back in time to revisit “Batman-lite” aka Nightwing.

  5. Oldcomicfan on

    This actually makes sense. Dick only took up the mantle of the bat because Bruce Wayne had been “Comic Book Killed” by Darkseid. Now that ol’ Bruce is back and has hired a whole stable full of Batmen, I can see Dick going back to his Nightwing identity once again. But who is going to be Robin now? I think Jason Todd should go back to being dead, his resurrection just cheapened the whole “Death in the Family” story line, the way that Superman’s return made a mockery of the whole “Death of Superman” story, though, in my opinion, that whole thing deserved to be made a mockery of. In my mind, Tim Drake was never anything more than “the one they replaced Jason with”. Personally, I’d like to see them bring Carrie Kelly into continuity and let her be Robin. She was one of the best parts of Miller’s “Dark Knight” saga, except maybe for the bits where Brucey boy kicked the stuffing out of old Stuporman.

  6. Batman and Captain America are comic book icons.
    Both “side-kicks’ have worn the suit, and both men have earned the right to “go their own way”.
    Dick Grayson did it first and Bucky Barnes did it somewhere in Russia.
    “Bucky” was the one character that Stan Lee swore would stay dead.
    And, Bruce Wayne never gave Robin a tommy gun to play with.
    Nightwing needs to be his own man… and let’s hope that Marvel can put Bucky somewhere he will not fall back into the grave.
    When Terry McGinnis goes back in time to collect all the versions of his “bat-suit”…

  7. I guess they are trying to make him more edgier with the red added to the costume.. I would rather have the blue and black look… He is a true acrobatic hero and thats what appeal to me. And also the fact that he is a true leader now on his own. He doesnt need Batman anymore.. Kyle needs to explore Dick as a true hero by exploring new villians that appeal and challenge the character of Nightwing.
    The relaunch is a tribute to a DC Classic Hero..
    Nightwing #1 is a blessing to all us Wing Fans that love the character Nightwing:)

  8. Well, I’m a fan of the new costume. But I must admit I’ll miss the blue finger stripes of the old nightwing suit…

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