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Celestial Crusade

This episode: Our 100th episode, and the crew is still stuck in the basement.


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    • XantharTheFlame on

      :-) I think you meant “definitely”, not “defiantly”, but what you wrote is ironically funny.

    • Rose Spinoza on

      “Oh, I know, I know, I know, I know, I know, KillYourFriends. ”

      Hee hee, yeah, I loved that sword.

    • litanyofthieves on

      Waitaminit… lost repository of knowledge with a crazy artifact… the crew of a ship, looking for said artifact… some bad shit unexpectedly happens… and QRD is an incredibly old person who reincarnates/regenerates, has knowledge of things that are vastly ancient… AND carries a SONIC tool…


        • Nope it hit me too. Granted I couldn’t remember Vashta Nerada, but I loved that episode. It was a very charming and chilling episode with a great Badass Doctor moment in it and I still feel bad for Donna not seeing her “husband” before she left. But yeah, I definitely thought the same thing too.

  1. Gtz on th 100.
    The Brentzen, Gla, Randus and Orem episodes are fan-tas-tic.
    Have just been listening to the whole series one-more-time, and the Moonhole episodes was really lightning in a bottle. But with Rob playing his first funny character on air and Matthew reborn with the Mighty Sir Brentzen The Bold (insert Matthew voice) the show has reached a new high.
    Thx to all of you – still my number 1 podcast.

  2. Shouri Elemente on

    I’m pretty sure it was just for “Dramatic effect” but damn, either those statues were made out of paper, or Brenzen has a seriously high str score ^.^

  3. Marco Selmo on

    Brian: “Oh hey, look at that!”. I laught so hard every time :D. Great Episode, i love how Orem threats his students :). Can’t wait to see what will Rob bring to the table as DM. You guys are always the best.

    • XantharTheFlame on

      I love Rodrigo’s DM’ing, but I totally get the need for a break as a former DM myself. Looking forward to Rob’s creative juices (get your mind out of the gutter there, you!). Although I wonder if this might be a good chance to get Stephen back into the big chair? It would bring the podcast a little bit back to its roots in the educational aspect, teaching people how to DM a game, and he did a pretty good job his first time out!

      Stephen for DM!! Rob for Vice-DM!! Woot!

      • I just want to see Rodrigo as a player, and wouldn’t this be the perfect time to have Alex step in to DM so all the rest of the guys could keep playing? I mean Alex is already always there too and maybe Aldo will make him a figure for his little Halfling Druid too. lol

        • I just want to see Rodrigo as a player, and wouldn’t this be the perfect time to have Alex step in to DM so all the rest of the guys could keep playing?

          I suppose it depends on how many players you’re prepared to handle. Given the challenges of this type of recording, I doubt you’ll see more than four players at a time, for reasons both technical and role-play related. Another voice might have us stepping all over one another…

          • I guess that’s true. I hadn’t really thought much about it going from 4 to 5 players. It’s all about what works for you guys and your dynamic. It’s gonna be great any way you run it.

  4. litanyofthieves on

    Am I the only one who imagined that this entire exchange, Randus kept smoothing his hair back and trying to act “Cool”? Or is that just me as a Queen’s Rebellious Daughter-Randus Shipper?

    What would be their Ship name? Qrandus? Queendus? Randaughter? Rebellidus?

  5. I know this is super old, but I just listened to this episode and I had to comment on Rodrigo’s explanation of the Handy Haversack: “Inside that opening, it’s Wednesday.”


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