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  1. I think this looks kinda good. Something about it just being monkeys, instead of aliens or whatever, is kinda eery.

    I hope the haters give it a chance.

  2. Antonio Sanciolo on

    Heh… they think they’re people!

    But seriously, it’s like uncanny valley squared; which is awesome when it’s not a film aimed at 8 year olds… looks terrifyingly good!

  3. Caesar is such a shakespearean character in the Apes franchise. I am excited to see how they build upon him. You loved him and hated him at different times…even as he led a revolt. I definitely get that vibe from the trailer as well, which may actually get me to ignore the fact that james franco will be headlining.

  4. Looks good.

    I think when you look at all of the ways the human race will end it will most likely be this type of scenario. Man loves to play god. In man’s arrogance he will develop something that will get out of hand and take over. Science fiction but plausible. That’s what makes this an eerie and scary movie.

  5. Am I the only one extremely dissappointed by this????

    I admit, I did not see *all* of the POTA movies… but… to me the ending of the first was a profound statement about nuclear proliferation. Thats what made it a classic. Now this is totally forgotten to make yet another epidemic/disaster thriller type movie, where the cliche of man “playing God” and it all going wrong is run into the ground, yet again!

    Uggh. Its so tired. Come on people. How dumbed down can it get?

    I also agree that this particular disaster/epidemic would be pretty easy to shut down. It wouldn’t be fun, but it would be stopped. Theres what, about 6 billion people in the world? and I don’t know how many apes, but I’ll venture to say far less. Humans would prevail…. Intercontinental nuclear war however would be the end of ALL of us. (Monkeys and apes probably included as well)

    What an insult to the original.
    Call me a hater if you like. I call you an idiot for buying this drivel.

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