DC Relaunch

In this issue: Sea Monsters! Why we love them, why we hate them, and our favorite sea monsters of all time. Plus, we talk about some big announcement from DC Comics.


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  1. Good podcast guys, you did quell some fears I had about the reboot.
    As for multi-doctor story bring everyone in, they want to avoid the 7th doctor’s ugly jumper, give him what he wore in the movie.

  2. Nice podcast.
    You guys really put DC marketing decision in a perspective where I can understand and accept it. Initially, phrases like “for today’s audience” scared the crap out of me and immediately made me think that what made these character great to me was gonna be pushed out the window cause it’s too old fashioned or something.

    Right now I’m committed to 4 DC titles (Wonder Woman, Power Girl, Zatanna & the upcoming Aquaman title). As long as those books survive this jump (and PG still has a boob window : P) I’m in.

  3. I agree. You guys did a good show on the topic. Kudos gentlemen. All the kerfuffle out there reminds of the incidents quoted in the media of the time of the first major Flash reboot. Die hard Golden Age Flash fans and their boisterous slogan “¡JAY GARRICK POR VIDA, ESE!” echoing through out the realms of fandom. Ahhhh…. change can be difficult….. ;)

  4. I purposefully caught up with the podcasts over the last couple days because I wanted to hear your reactions to all of the big DC news. I listened, and it left me with two questions:

    Who are you guys, and what have you done with the real Stephen, Matthew, and Rodrigo?

    I was expecting a heaping tablespoon of negativity over the reboot (especially with Stephen making snide reboot comments over the past couple episodes), but it sounds like all three of you think that this just might be a good thing.

    I’m looking forward to next week’s episode for more discussion on the additional announcements from DC.

    • Who are you guys, and what have you done with the real Stephen, Matthew, and Rodrigo?

      In my case, specifically, much of my negativity comes from having “seen this before.” When Flashpoint debuted, my brain said “Oh, Age of Apocalypse!” When Fear Itself was announced, I thought “Infinity Crusade with hammers!”

      We’ve been saying for MONTHS that publishers need to get serious about change, about drawing new readers… Stephen has been harping about alternate methods of distribution, Rodrigo about accessibility of the DC Universe, and I have been yelling about deja vu. Based on what we know, without having seen the product, I’m more than cautiously optimistic about this, simply because they’re TRYING for a fresh start, and they’re making a UNILATERAL, sweeping paradigm change. Time will tell if it works, but at least it’s a different tack (or, more honestly, a familiar tack on an unheard-of scale.)

  5. I think it’s interesting people don’t often talk about what numbering of books really entails.

    Back in the day, if a comic book has gone for more than 100 issues, it was an achievement, you have been successful for 100 issues. People probably trusted the quality of those comics. Also the numbering didn’t imply anything about the plot, #64 wasn’t necessarily a follow-up to #63. However nowadays, possibly through manga and tv shows, if the episodes or issues are numbered they usually say something about their place in the story.

    So a modern audience looking at issue 300 whatever, it sounds daunting, rather than a promise of quality. If you switch over to Volume 6 Issue 1, it sounds less daunting, because everyone knows it’s the start of a new set of stories, like a new season of a tv show.

    At least that is what makes sense to me.

  6. I feel conflicted on the reboot, in one hand it might clean some of the story lines that are simply not working, but the loss of Gail Simone on BoP (maybe even on Secret Six! *knocks on wood*) is not a fun thought…

  7. Of course, the info out today on the Batman titles and the “teaser” that there will be an announcement later today on the status of Dick Grayson makes it even more confusing. One writer says that there will only be “one Batman under the cowl” in Bruce Wayne while the release of the art of JLI shows what appears to be Dick Grayson as Batman.

    As long as they don’t kill him off to make the similarities between Bruce Wayne and Steve Rogers even more pronounced, things should be OK. Dick Grayson is an interesting character no matter what identity he operates under.

    Bruce and Damian Wayne as Batman and Robin? Now THAT could be interesting.

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