When Batman: Arkham City arrives October 16, 2011, fans of the series will not only be able to play the caped crusader, but they’ll also get a chance to play Catwoman.

Take the jump to see the trailer, and more info on the in-game character.

According to The Examiner, the heroine will have her own movies, playstyle, and missions while in single-player mode. The Catwoman portion of Batman: Arkham City represents about 10% of the total game play.


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  1. Okay. Part of me hates myself for saying this.

    But what’s the point of that costume? She’s wearing…goggles? Why? And, while I’ll admit it looks impressive, a full-length leather outfit seems like it’d be the WORST clothing choice for a cat-burglar/super-thief. I’ve always had this problem with Catwoman. All the attempts to make her costume “more interesting” just seem to make it more silly. A full-length catsuit with a cowl was always the best choice, IMHO. No rat helmet. No goggles. No knee-high pirate boots. No high collars. No giant, white stitches.

    That said…pretty impressive.

  2. Mike Peacock on

    You’d think she’d be more careful about kissing random criminal thugs…especially in Gotham. Might catch something.

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