Major Spoilers Podcast #307: Podcasters in Kansas


Who ever said the cover had to match the content

This week on the show: Hobbits, murder, Nick Fury and a review from a three year old – OH MY!


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Hobbit movies get titles and release dates

The Amazing Spider-Man #662
Dan Slott, Christos Gage
Penciller:  Reilly Brown
The Story: SPIDEY MEETS THE AVENGERS ACADEMY CONTINUES! With dark and desperate emotional weapons at his disposal, Psycho-Man has twisted the kids of Avengers Academy into bloodthirsty villains! Now Spider-Man must do battle with the Academy students in a super-powered showdown that tests Spidey’s abilites and the promises he made in the wake of Marla Jameson’s death! All of it leading to the?surprise return of a classic Spider-Man character next month! (Here’s your hint, arachnophiles: THE GOJDW). Plus an Infested prelude by Dan Slott and Emma Rios.

Rating: ★★★½☆

Planeswalkers Comics

Rating: ★★★☆☆

Secret Warriors #27
Writer:  Jonathan Hickman
Penciller:  Alessandro Vitti
Ignore everything you’ve heard about when this series is ending! IT’S NOT THIS ISSUE. Jonathan Hickman lost his mind and wrote too huge an ending to just be contained in ONE ISSUE! Join us this month for the PENULTIMATE issue of SECRET WARRIORS! It’s Wheels within Wheels, Part 4: I’LL SLEEP WHEN I’M DEAD

Rating: ★★★½☆

This week, we’re letting the fictional serial killers take care of their own by putting Dexter Morgan and Hannibal Lecter in the ring and seeing who emerges victorious.

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Capote in Kansas
Murder. Not intricately plotted “whodunit.” Not fiery passionate fury. But dirty, sad, disturbing actions from real people.

That’s what Truman Capote decided to use for In Cold Blood – his bold experiment in the realm of the non-fiction “novel.” Following in that legacy is Capote in Kansas, a fictionalized tale of Capote’s time in Middle America researching his classic book. Capote’s struggles with the town, the betrayal, and his own troubled past make this book a compelling portrait of one of the greatest literary talents of the 20th century.

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