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  1. If they go with that art as an upgrade for Supes’ costume, I’m all for it. Yeah, I know…Mr. “Old Fashioned/Silver Age/Don’t-Mess-With-My-Continuity” likes the Wonder-Woman (Sans jacket) and Superman look. So sue me.

    And I’m guessing by the blue eyes on the Flash and the gauntlets on Batman that this is Barry Allen and Bruce Wayne.

    Bring back Atom, Hawkman (If they’re not going to use him in the JSA) and GA along the line just for nostalgia.

    The art is QUITE good. Very “JLA” looking.

    • I wouldn’t trust the colorist to bet that’s Barry. Look at the stars on WW’s bustier that are colored red.

      Kinda looks like they have the same tailor: WW, Aquaman, Superman, and Green Lantern all have the “V-on-the-turtleneck” look (well, WW has a choker with a V on the front).

  2. brainypirate on

    I think you can see part of Hawkman’s helmet next to Aquaman’s right arm.

    I’m hoping this isn’t Barry and Bruce, but didn’t one of the announcements say they were going back to the origin of the JLA? It could simply be a young team, although that doesn’t explain Cyborg’s presence….

    If there are 14 members, whom else do you expect to show up on the roster?

    • Have no idea but here would by my “want to see” if I was picking the JLA “post-Flashpoint” top 14:

      Wonder Woman
      Green Lantern (I would have picked John Stewart for the JLA again but…yeah, the movie…)
      Green Arrow
      Martian Manhunter
      Black Canary
      Red Tornado

    • I am seriously liking the Superman change. Kinda like a cross between Supes and Mon-El’s uniform. The “v” cut in the necks are kinda unusual. Did him, GL and Aquaman all get the same tailor after Flashpoint?

      I think GL missing a power-ring was one of those “whoops” that probably what would have won us a “no-prize” back in the Marvel hey-day. I think he was trying to mimic one of the movie clips but, yeah, they could have put the barrel of that Gatling gun in a less suggestive place.

  3. Just a few things I noticed about the new JL cover.
    A-MAN: Nice follow up to Brightest Day. Will he have fins on his calf? Is he still wearing green undies (common)?
    SUPES: No red undies? And what is with the belt? Hate the turtle neck. Just …not him. And the ominous red eyes?
    WW: Silver? No. Get her back her gold. Otherwise more modernized. Nice. Bustier? Really? NO way!
    BATS: Good look as always. Nothing really bad here.
    FLASH: Chip strap. Really? Please he’s done good without one for years. Like the new aerials.
    CYBORG: Are those bunny ears behind his head? Too techie. Where’s the humanity? And that jaw?
    GL: WTF!!!!! Military guns? Is he cut off below the legs? And where’s his RING!!!!! The GL RING IS GONE!!!!!!

  4. Everyone’s costume is a little more…armor-y. It kind of reminds me of the Young Justice TV series’ designs.

  5. Barry’s chin strap is not doing it for me, neither is the Hulking Cyborg, and that may be Conner as Supes, looks a bit too young.

    Though the Superman redesign could be traced back to DC One Million, I would like to point out this design by Ken Lashley from a issue of Wizard http://bit.ly/jgA03H Really the only thing I can tell the diffrence with is the logo, less Kingdom Come Superman in “Lee’s” design, and more “Electric Cool-Aide Supes from ’97”. Also, I prefer this design of Wonder Woman over Lee’s, http://bit.ly/lpCdJs This is the direction I would had liked to see them go for.

  6. brenton8090 on

    Yeah, some good stuff here.. but it’s a little toooooo… 90’s. It’s a bit much. tone down the changes, and then they’ll stick. This much drastic change, all at once, will cause fan backlash, which will cause another costume switch. The key to is costume change is gradual.

  7. That looks like Conner, not Clark. Can we move past the perpetual 29 stuff and let these characters age a bit? Supes would be good at about 36. Make Bruce 40. Make us feel like this isn’t Batman and Young Justice. I mean Cyborg looks older than most of them. That’s just creepy.

  8. I think WW looks a lot better with the red, silver and black. Makes the gold lasso look odd, though.

    To me, the interesting part of this reboot, if it is such, is how they handle the space between the JSA (assuming they are still tied to WWII) and the modern heroes. This is a great chance to fix all the 90-year olds running around like teenagers in JSA.

    • If WW’s tiara, neckpiece, armband and bustier are supposed to be metal, she’d better carry a good supply of bandages. She’ll cut herself every time she moves.

  9. I was going to say it looks like Conner as well. Could he be a move towards the Superman from the Earth One graphic novel?

    Also, Cyborg appears to be the experienced, respected, leader type, as he is in Flashpoint.

  10. brainypirate on

    I’ll be very happy if they got rid of Supes’ red undies. Ever since I saw Gary Franks’s redesigns for the LSH, I’ve been unable to take any costume seriously that features men in tights & briefs.

    • Ever since I saw his redesigns I’ve pined for the LSH costumes from the 50’s!

      (okay, maybe not, but I really don’t like the lion’s share of Frank’s redesigns!)

  11. I still feel that it looks like someone puked a bunch of computer parts onto Cyborg.. And Flash looks a bit weird with the helmet head. GL and Aquaman look fine… I even like WW’s look… Not really feeling the new UltraMan vibe fore Supes, and Bats is okay except for the stupid looking armor gloves. I’m just wondering what look they’ll be giving Martian Manhunter and whether or not he’ll still be the mainstay of the JLA or not… And who are the characters/cast members that won’t be making it?!?

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