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  1. Lecter, Dexter has been foiled many a times because of his mental instability something the good doctor would zero-in pretty fast and use to gain the upper hand.

  2. Dr. Lecter is a genius, Dexter is a scared little boy in a man’s body, reacting to the injustices world. Also, with a semi-connections to the world around him Dexter is made vulnerable. Unlike the spectre that is Hannibal Lecter.

    It wouldn’t surprise me if Hannibal could make Dexter kill himself like he did to Multiple Miggs.

  3. I vote Dexter.
    I believe that Dr. Lecter is a much better “evil genius” than Dexter, but I counter that Dexter is a superior stalker. His obsessive methodology in planning his kill will be a great benefit as well.

  4. justanothergeek on

    I think they are actually well balanced, and while we are well aware of Lecter experience and brilliant mind we must not forget of his faults and of Dexter’s strenghts.
    To be fair Lecter too has a scared little boy streak to him, he too is motivated by childhood trauma, that is the murder and cannibalization of his little sister by a starving band of soldiers, he has the advantage of a erudite learning, but even with this profund knowledge of human psyche he can only think of using it to hurt and attack the world and is leed by his compulssions to emulate the canibbalization of his sister onto others to assert his supperiority. He is a schoolar monster, a very eficient monster but he has no clearness of purpose he is still leed by compulsion.
    While Dexter is leed by compulsion he has been able to shape his compulsion into something socially “usefull” even though he knows that this is just superficial, he made his compulsion something he can work with and has been trained to evade police detection.
    Moreso, I don’t think Lecter would be able to make Dexter kill himself, Dexter has a clearness of purpose that Lecter lacks, he is extremelly, painfully self-aware which is something that Lecter cannot trully be himself since this would force him too see how much he is like the people that he judges his inferiors.
    Also Dexter has never been sucessfully apprehended, his existence is unknown and he actually works for the police, while Lecter is a famous killer, even if his whole life story is not yet of public knowledge, his profile is, he has the whole world to worry about.

  5. Dexter all the way.

    Dexter’s whole thing is killing other serial killers, and he does so at the end of every season. This is like a Mongoose versus a Cobra. Sure the Cobra is a badass, but the Mongoose is designed to kill the Cobra.

  6. litanyofthieves on

    Lecter would probably win, except for the fact that as soon as he found out Dexter had children, he’d threaten them… and then Papa Wolf would emerge, and Lecter would wind up on a slide.

    • Hannibal Lecter doesn’t threaten people, he doesn’t need to, he just kills. Besides anger is a weakness in a fight with a hyper-rational person like Lecter. (I’ve always imagined him as a bit of a psycho-Vulcan)

      • litanyofthieves on

        Dexter doesn’t react with blind rage when his kids are in danger. He’s even more cold and calculating.

  7. I vote Lector. Didn’t read the books, but if the films are anything to go by, Lector was turning into a Super human supervillain with super speed and strength. There’s no way Dexter could stand against that. Although Dexter has a sexier sister.

  8. Francis Dolarhyde from ‘Manhunter.’ They called him ‘The Tooth Fairy’ and he overcame that to become one of the scariest mofos walking.

  9. Hannibal Lecter all the way. He EATS people for pleasure. Dexter has never seemed intimidating to me at all. Lecter is f****ing scary just looking at a person. Lecter has taken down numerous people, including police officers, security guards etc. He’s incredibly intelligent, to the extent of talking people into suicide for fun. He’s knows the mind of psychopaths to the point of being the go-to guy for the FBI’s EXPERTS – he wouldn’t find it hard to predict what Dexter would do. Plus, from what I know, Dexter doesn’t even have the balls to kill innocent people! What kind of psycho is that?!?

  10. For sheer intellect, Hannibal Lecter easily gets my vote. However, I have to agree they are both well-balanced, and if Lecter makes the mistake of underestimating Dexter Morgan, he might not live to regret it . . .

  11. Excellent poll! I have to vote that Hannibal Lecter would win. Hannibal and Dexter are well balanced in mental stability, both are capable of hiding in plain sight, and both are willing to commit violence. However, there was a scene within ‘Hannibal’ wherein a pickpocket attempted to steal a wallet from the eponymous anti-hero, only to find himself dying from a severed femoral. The scene took only moments. I suspect this confrontation would follow suit.

  12. I voted for Lector only because I haven’t seen Dexter and don’t know much about him. But Lector seems to be sinister, smarter than Lex Luthor and borders on the superhuman. Plus, since he eats his victims and Dextor doesn’t, he’d have a lot for energy to burn.

    Now that you’ve done serial killers, how about one for killer cereals: Which is the worst fictional breakfast cereal? Casper and Wendy’s “Ghost Toasties”, or Calvin and Hobbes’ “Chocolate Frosted Sugar Bombs”?

  13. Nice idea for a poll!

    I went with Lecter, but here’s some thoughts:

    – Dexter’s got youth and speed in a fair fight, but he’s also. Not by the “Code Of Harry” (it’d be easy enough to prove that Lecter’s a bad guy so I think that concept could be pretty much tossed for the purposes of this fight), but he’s still very ritualized as it pertains to the stalking, hunting, and killing his prey.

    – Lecter’s the crazier of the two. And in a bad way. He never questions himself. He’s also more impulsive.

    – On the other hand, if we’re gonna put ’em in the pit and ring the bell, I think Dexter’s got some training in fighting and he’s younger. Of course Lecter being nuts could trump that. Or Lecter could turn into a werewolf. Oh, wait. Wrong movie.

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